Ep068: Cullen Wallace

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Cullen Wallace from Seattle, and this is a really interesting episode because Cullen had been listening in on the podcast for a while, kind of investigating and looking around, and he decided to jump in to the program after a recent episode, and hearing about the results Diane was having from implementing the Getting Listings and the World's Most Interesting Postcard campaigns from our office here.

It's interesting because I know from talking with people that it’s very inspirational to hear the results others are getting… ‘I’ve been listening longer than Diane has been doing this and all of a sudden, here's Diane getting all these results. That could have been me…’

That's kind of where we're Cullen was at, so now he’s on board, we built out a really great plan for him to completely take over a very high-end area of Seattle. We laid it out step by step, exactly what to do, and I think that you're really going to enjoy this.

If you've been listening in on the sidelines, and you're ready to get in the game, this could be a great inspiration.

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Ep067: Chris McAllister

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Chris McAllister from Roost Real Estate in Columbus, Ohio, and this show has a really different approach because Chris brings up a really interesting point.

Most traditional real estate companies focus on only part of the picture, the people who are buying and selling. In reality, there's a good percentage of people who are renting homes, so Chris has shifted his focus to not only the transaction of real estate, but the bigger, broader picture of shelter.

We had a great conversation because that opens up so many other opportunities in terms of investors, property management and all the revenue streams that are possible by representing 100% of the shelter business.

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Ep066: Eric Pruitt

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Eric Pruitt, one of my neighbors here in the sunshine state, a little further down on the waterfront areas between Jupiter and North Palm Beach in Florida. 

We had a really great conversation about the real estate business. Eric's been a very successful realtor for many years, and I was fortunate enough to meet him when he came up and spent the weekend with us at our GoGoAgent academy last week.

I love to see someone who is excited about new opportunities and excited about trying something different. We talked about some of the Listing Agent Lifestyle approaches that will be good for Eric to implement, especially around Getting Listings, Finding Buyers and Orchestrating Referrals.

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Ep065: Diane Lightsey

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we have an update with Diane Lightsey, who’s not only our GoGoAgent specialist working on my team here in Winter Haven, but she’s also a Realtor, acting as our secret laboratory, our development lab, running all of the programs that we have in GoGoAgent.com.

We'll check in with Diane periodically for updates and progress reports so you can see how her progress actually unfolds. Today we’ve got lots of exciting updates in terms of what's going on with Getting Listings, Finding Buyers and the world's most interesting postcard.

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Ep064: Edgar Serratos

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Edgar Serratos from the high desert in California.

We had a really interesting conversation today because Edgar's in an area where there's a definite migratory pattern. People are making the most of the cost savings or lifestyle change and moving from Los Angeles county into the high desert.

We talked a lot about that pattern and how he can position himself as THE realtor in that area using the Getting Listings program, and then finding buyers who are thinking about coming into the area

Having people on both sides gives him the chance to become THE Market Maker!

You have a similar opportunity in your area, so I think you're going to get a lot from this episode.

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Ep063: John Gluch

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with John Gluch, head of a very successful real estate team in Phoenix. But here's the thing. John lives in San Diego!

We had a really great conversation about everything he's doing, running a high powered team of 200 homes a year, remotely.

Some really great opportunities unfolded for John throughout the call. There's lots of things they're doing right and maximizing their approach to generating now business. They're a sales organization that will connect with people. They're getting people on the phone. They're getting people into appointments. They're getting people into homes. But there's a big opportunity behind that to continue a relationship with the people who aren't ready to convert right now.

We had a great conversation about how to take all the things he's doing well right now, and amplify them by laying on top, the things we talk about in the Listing Agent Lifestyle.

I think you'll really enjoy this episode. It's a perfect conversation about high-end branding and the service approach we talked about here.

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Ep062: David Jurek

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with David Jurek from Hundred Mile House, British Columbia up in Canada.

We had a great conversation. David's in a small market, a kind of resort, or a cottage area, where people are coming from a few hours away to have cottages on the lake.

We talked a lot about the advantages he has as a competing broker with a team of other agents working with him, and how to balance that personal production with being a leader and rallying to get the best from his team.

We covered three very specific things he can do to support everybody and benefit from the 'rising tide' that will lift the whole team.

I'm excited to see how it all plays out. He's got a lot of balls in play, and he's making all the right moves. I'm confident this is going to be a great experiment for him.

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Ep061: Jason Gruner

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Jason Gruner.

Now this is a special episode because Jason lives in Nashville, but he runs a real estate team in North Carolina remotely!

You've heard me talk about the concept of ghost restaurants. Well, Jason's running a ghost realtor operation from his home in Nashville.

He's making all the right moves. We talked about his implementation of our Getting Listings program and the progress they're making by targeting 21 different areas on facebook. We talked about the Listing Multipliers and the difference that makes to each transaction. We talked about referrals and some really great strategies for finding specific buyers.

So this one is a special treat and you're going to want to shut yourself in a room, away from all the noise and distractions, to really listen in on this one.

You're going to get some great executable ideas.

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Ep060: Lee Stewart

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Lee Stewart from Fort Worth, Texas and Lee is a brand new agent who's just getting started.

We had a great conversation about how he can get his first Getting Listings area established, how to setup his plan for Getting Listings, how to set up his plan for Getting Referrals with this top 150, and how to find buyers without needing to have listings to do it.

It was a really great conversation, and as you can see, we covered a lot of ground and that means lots of takeaway points for you!

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