Ep043: Tibor Bogdan

On the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast today we're talking with Tibor Bogdan from British Columbia, Canada. Tibor and I have known each other for almost 10 years now and I love his enthusiasm, his energy, and his approach to business.

He's a very successful agent. The market in British Columbia has been very buoyant over the last 10 years, and everything has been falling into place. It's almost too easy. All he had to do was list the property and right away you'd have offers with prices going up. But now, the market has slowed down and he's got time to look around and say, 'Oh, what do I need to do to now to get things rolling again?'

We had a great conversation and focused on a couple of things. First, his current listings, and what he could do to multiply those listings using our Instant Open House approach (really focusing on all the listing multipliers). Second, we talked about his after unit and orchestrating referrals, specifically using a Market Maker Monday strategy.

I think you're going to enjoy this episode. There are lots of actionable steps.

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Ep042: Dan Sullivan

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we've got a special treat. I just got back from Toronto where we had our first GoGoAgent summit.

We had a great two days with Brendon Burchard, JP Sears, Arlene Dickinson, and our second day was our real estate summit, where we had Dan Sullivan join us and Sally Hogshead. So what you're going to listen to today, is a conversation with Dan Sullivan that's very similar to the podcasts that we do called the Joy of Procrastination.

Dan has a wonderful way of reframing procrastination as a super-power which it really is, and we've been having a great conversation about it for almost two years.

I think you're going to enjoy this and if you're one of the approximately 7 billion procrastinators on the planet... you can go to JoyofProcrastination.com to find out more.

But this is all part of our Listing Agent Lifestyle, the experience of abundant time, and we have a really great conversation with some great feedback from some of the people in the audience, all real estate agents.

So don't procrastinate, and enjoy this episode.

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Ep041: Henri Cousineau

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we’re talking with Monsieur Henri Cousineau, from Montreal. Henri’s a real estate broker focused on leasing office space in the Montreal market.

He's been a realtor for a very long time and online since 2000! We talked about some of the evolution during that time, and focused in on the chain from getting eyeballs to his website, then people leaving their name and email address, then bonding with them over time, and finally meeting with them face-to-face. We discovered the weakest link for him is in getting people, once they come to his site, to leave their name and their email address.

We focused on that because from there, he's really got a great business dialed in and has been very successful in helping people once he’s able to be in contact with them.

This is a really good episode with a lot of transferable takeaways. You're going to enjoy it.

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Ep040: Jesse Desjardins

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we have a different kind of episode because I'm calling in live, from Sydney Australia, and I'm here with Jesse Dejardin. 

Now, normally when we do a Listing Agent Lifestyle episode, we're talking with another real estate agent, and we're looking to figure out a plan for them to go through all of the Listing Agent Lifestyle elements, but that's not what we're going to do today because we have an expert in the house. 

Let me build a little background here. I've known Jesse for half of his life! He came to work with me as a young, bright-eyed, entrepreneurial go-getter, but listen to what's happened since then. We worked together for several years, and when he left, he moved over to Australia and became the social media and advocacy manager for Tourism Australia. Essentially the marketing agency for the government of Australia. He's now their global manager for social and content, looking after all the organizations operations and when it comes to social and content.

Impressive right! Jesse went on to become one of the 10 most influential people in travel, and just to put that in context, that ranking had him sandwiched between the CEO of Uber and the CEO of American Airlines.

He turned around their social media, and particularly the facebook page of Tourism Australia and made it the number one travel destination in the world, so my idea for our conversation today is to pick his brains and imagine he's coming back to Winter Haven, Florida and I was going to appoint him the global ambassador for my real estate business in there.

Knowing what he know's and what he learned from everything he did for Tourism Australia, what would he do in Winter Haven to build a really amazing outcome for a real estate business.

This is a great episode, lots of take-away actions, and you're going to get a lot out of Jesse's insights.

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Ep039: Jeffrey Higgins

On the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast today we're talking with Jeffrey Higgins from Beverly Hills, Michigan, and Jeffrey is a now a pure residential real estate agent having been a commercial real estate agent for several years.

He's just getting started in an area, and running his Getting Listings program to establish himself in a new, targeted neighborhood.

We talked a lot about this whole idea of selecting an area. How to choose the area, and how to parlay your beginning into something that can grow with the profits you make from the early transactions. 

This was a great conversations, and we talked a little about the psychology of why the offers we make in the Getting Listings program are so responsive.

Jeffrey is an idea guy just like me, and he likes to take something that's supposed to be a turnkey solution, and use that as a jumping off point for even bigger results.

I appreciate Jeffrey being able to share, because we can use his story to talk about how we all work through the beginning stages of getting established, before looking at Finding Buyers for the listings you're going to get as a result of the Getting Listings program.

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Ep038: Siyamak Sasani

On the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast today we're talking with Siyamak Sasani from Ottawa, Canada. We had a really great conversation, and I knew it was going to be a great conversation when it started... "Dean, I want you to treat me like a blank sheet of paper and write the plan for me"!

Siyamak's a newer agent within the last couple of years. He's in a great market, he's a very personable guy and he's got lots of great business experiences. He has all the confidence in the world. He's already had some success, so he's off to a good start.

We talked about how to establish his Getting Listings program, plan his listing multipliers and we focused on orchestrating referrals from his top 150.

He's a guy who understands, as a businessman, he has to prepare for the growth of his business and he can't be the one cog that is running the whole show. So establishing the proper support, the proper help, and the systems that are going to help with his growth.

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Ep037: Amplify your authority

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're going to talk about something that could be a really powerful lead generation, and lead conversion tool for you. We’re talking about a book.

There's nothing more revered in our society as an authority figure than someone who has written a book. It's gone on for centuries. We even have Government sponsored buildings that are filled with books where we go, and in hushed tones take in the knowledge that’s collected.

That gives us an advantage. When you can package information that YOU have, specialized knowledge that you bring together and format as a book, it goes such a long way in helping people putting down their skepticism and accepting what you are putting out as an authority.

We’ve used this in many different ways. We have books we use as lead generation tools. We have a book called How to Sell Your House for Top Dollar Fast that we use in our Getting Listings program. One of the very first things I did as a Realtor was to package up information about where I lived, Halton Hills into a guide for people who were moving to the area. They could gather up all the information they would need to know, and discover what they could get for their money in Halton Hills. Penny Alpert, who you may remember from an earlier episode has just finished her book called Stop Your Foreclosure. A great way to identify and help anybody going through that process.

You're going to really enjoy thinking through this process of what could be a book title you could use for your lead generation, lead conversion book or a specialized niche type of book for your, for your business.

I'm going to let you listen in on a book title workshop I did for our 90-Minute Book clients. You’re really going to get a lot out of it, and I hope it stimulates some ideas for you, so you can really use this great tool for your business.

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Ep036: Daymond John

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we've got a special treat for you. We have a conversation with Daymond John from Shark Tank, and Daymond is a really a great advocate for using your brain, your ingenuity and your creativity over money. 

Joe Polish and I had a great conversation with Daymond on our I Love Marketing podcast and he is one of these guys who really looks at the power of broke, and I love that framing of it as a superpower.

One of the questions people always asked me is, 'What do you do if you don't have a lot of money to spend on postcards or direct mail campaigns or buying leads? How do you get started?' and I think there's a lot of great insight to that, in this conversation with Daymond. 

I think really fits with what we're talking about on our Listing Agent Lifestyle journey here.

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Ep035: Nate Brill

Looking for opportunities to be a Market Maker is one of the last remaining secrets to real estate. As the information becomes more available, the difference you can make is in your connections, and your ability to link buyers and sellers.

On today's Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Nate Brill from Surprise, Arizona.

Nate works in an area called Surprise Farms and we had a great conversation about Getting Listings in Surprise Farm and also about Finding Buyers so he can be a Market Maker in that area.

I really enjoy these kinds of conversations because we get to talk about the longevity of these campaigns and the most important thing; which is being able to connect people with what they really want. Buyers for their home.

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Ep034: Wendy Bell

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle we're talking with Wendy Bell from Ottawa, Canada, and Wendy is both a broker of a Keller Williams office in Ottawa with 160 agents, and she's also as her personal production business that she works with her sister.

So that gives a neat opportunity here to talk about both scales and we had a really great conversation going through each of the Listing Agent Lifestyle elements, starting with her top 150 or in her case, the top 180 she has with her sister, and we calculated her return on relationship and how we can bring that number up.

Then we talked about the whole philosophically different approach to Getting Listings and what I really see as the last information advantage we have as real estate agents and the opportunity available for us.

I really enjoyed this conversation. We covered a lot of ground and I think you're going to get a lot out of it.

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