Ep027: Justin Braithwaite

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we have a great conversation with Justin Braithwaite.

Justin is a newer agent. He’s been a real estate agent in New York for the last two or three years, and he came to the real estate business as a way to assist in his real estate investing business to help him buying and flipping homes.

That mindset, of coming into something, thinking about it as a capital investment is an advantage that can really serve him well as he grows and expands his business. Most of the time, people coming into real estate don't think about the work they do to find business a capital investment that will provide an ROI, they think about it as an expense which has a very different feeling.

We spent a good portion of the time talking about how he can establish himself in an area of the 1,600 homes he would like to focus on. We talked about the ROI of that ‘Getting Listings’ work.

We then moved on to talk about the return on relationship with the top 150 in his life. The 150 people who know him, like him, and trust him. I think he's in a situation, like most people, where he's not necessarily in contact with those 150 people, so we had a really great scenario-running conversation, looking at the results he could see over the next 12 months, if he put those referrals steps in place.

You're really going to enjoy this conversation.

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Ep026: Rob Caruso

When opportunity, ability and enthusiasm meet, exciting things happen!

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Rob Caruso from Vaughan, Ontario, just north of Toronto. I've known Rob for over 12 years now. He'll tell you the story about how we ended up connecting, but it's been a great to watch his business grow over that time into the successfully company he has today.

This was a great call, and I don't think we’ve had a Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast call with so much opportunity per minute as we did in this one!

Across the board, in his own business, with his after unit, with the 26 agents that he has in his brokerage, on his team… Rob understand the program, has seen the success, and we were able to create a lot of plans for him to execute this year.

The best news… Every one of the opportunities we discovered for Rob is something that’s an opportunity for you too.

So, I'm excited for you to hear this episode. There is a lot here for you.

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Ep025: Joe Nielson

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Joe Neilson from Las Vegas. Joe is a brand new real estate agent, he's just getting started and we had a really great conversation about how to lay the foundation for a listing-centric business, that's going to allow you to live this Listing Agent Lifestyle.

We talked about all the elements involved here.

We talked about getting listings and how he has everything established already. He's done his first two mailings into the area he's chosen to get listings in. We then talked about laying the foundation for his referral business, and really establishing himself with the top 100 - 150 people who know him, like him and trust him already.

This is really valuable conversation if you're just getting started in real estate, or if you've been a realtor for some time, but you're just getting started with this listing agent lifestyle approach.

We had a really great conversation and you're going to get a lot from it.

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Ep024: Converting Leads

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we have a live session from our GoGoAgent Academy that we did here in Florida in February, talking about converting leads.

If you've noticed in the live sessions, we've been working through each of the listing agent lifestyle elements. We started by talking about the various ways to collect all the names you need, and today we're focusing on what to do with them once you have them… converting those leads.

We had some great concepts and some great conversations.

You’re going to get a lot of great ideas you can implement in your business today.

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Ep023: Chris Knox

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle Podcast we're talking with Chris Knox, born and raised in northern California’s Silicon Valley. He’s worked there for many years, in a market that’s very sophisticated. He's got a really great business, and today we talked through a couple of big opportunities he has.

Right now, 100% of his business is coming from repeat and referral clients. We talked about the opportunities in his after-unit that could easily bump that up by 50% this year. I'm excited to see how that plays out for him.

Then we talked about getting listings, and how to go into an area that doesn't have much to define it. We compared the difference to areas where it’s common to have named communities, and how easy it is to pick an area that’s very specific. But we walked through how he could do that in an area that really doesn’t have such easily defined characteristics and I think we came up with a great solution.

So two things we focused on in this episode. The after-unit, and getting as many orchestrated referrals as we can, and getting listings.

You're going to enjoy, and get a lot out of both of these topics.

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Ep022: Getting Referrals

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we have a live session from our GoGoAgent academy, that we did here in Orlando a little earlier this year, and we're going to be talking today about element number three of the listing agent lifestyle, which is getting referrals.

We had a whole discussion about how to make three things happen. What we want is every time your friends, your family, your sphere, really anybody who knows you, hears a conversation about real estate, we want them to 1) notice that conversation, 2) to think about you, and 3) we want them to introduce you to the person they had that conversation with.

In this session we're going to share all kinds of ideas and ways to make that happen, and I think you're going to really start to see the gold standard you should aim for in your referrals.

We want you to be managing your relationship portfolio for a 20% annual yield. That means if you have 150 people in that group, you're looking to generate 30 transactions.

We've got lots and lots of people who are making that happen, and these are the strategies we're using to do it.

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Ep021: Justina Courtney

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Justina Courtney, from Burlington in Canada, just outside of Toronto.

Justina is a newer real estate agent, coming up on a year. She's been with us at GoGoAgent since January, and has been mailing the Getting Listings program in very specific areas. She's really going all in on trying to get listings in a particular townhouse area, so we talked a little bit about the strategy behind that.

She’s following a program we developed with Julie Matthews here in Winter Haven, mailing a multiple week sequence, at the peak listing time of the market, where people are mostly listing their homes. Julie went from a 0% market share in a particular area to having generated five of the next 24 listings that came on the market. A 20% market share.

Both Justina and Ron Reed are duplicating that process and we're watching it all unfold in our GoGoAgent forum right now.

So, today we talked a little about that, and then we talked about some strategies for Justina to generate business now, while waiting for the Getting Listing program to kick in.

I think you're really going to enjoy this. Justina's going to be a great story. She's doing all the right moves, and she's got the disciplined execution to make it all happen.

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Ep020: Multiplying your listings

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we've got a continuation of a segment from our GoGoAgent Academy that we held earlier this year in Orlando, and it’s the perfect follow-up to our episode with Cyndee Haydon last week.

In that show we talked about listing multipliers and today we have a whole segment from the academy talking about all the things you can do to get the most out of every listing that you take.

We had some great concepts and some great conversations, especially about the winning and losing stories present when we take a new listing and some strategies for using Craigslist, even in 2018!

It’s all built around sending people to a very simple next step. Something like our Instant Open House landing pages in the GoGoAgent.com tool

So listen in. There are some great multipliers you can use here.

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Ep019: Cyndee Haydon

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Cyndee Haydon from sunny Florida, and we have a really great conversation lined up.

We’re talking about something that could have an immediate impact in your business. Your Listing Multiplier Index. The number of transactions per listing, that you end up creating with your marketing. Things like finding a buyer for that listing, and finding other buyers who are going to buy other homes from you, getting other listings in that neighborhood, and getting a referral from the seller.

There's lots of opportunity to amplify what you do and I think you're going to find it very inspirational, when we do the math on what happened for Cyndee, going from a Listing Multiplier Index of 1.2, to now being up over 3.3. That’s over three transactions per listing in an area where each commission is $15,000 or more. That's real money. That makes a big, big difference.

All the things I mention here, I'm going to post up on the GoGoAgent blog at gogoagent.com. This is going to be something that you’ll really want to come over and check out, because the resources we share, just in this episode, can make an amazing difference in your business.

I'm really looking forward to you listening to this episode.

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Ep018: William Madison

What someone sees when they look at a home is only one part of the puzzle and it's easy to overlook all the other elements that go into their decision.

Today's show is a great reminder of how your knowledge and understanding of a market can establish you as their 'go to' person, helping your clients make a decision that meets all their needs.

We're talking with William Madison from Portland, Oregon, and William has one unique characteristic that’s going to make his adventure in real estate a little bit different because he’s completely blind.

We had a really great conversation about taking something in an industry that’s very visual, and capturing the essence of the marketing, the insight, and the relationship building, to work around being completely blind and still be a successful real estate agent.

We looked at how a listening centric approach can help leverage his knowledge. We've been working closely with William to help get started with the Getting Listings program in a particular high end neighborhood of Portland. He has a great attitude, and wisdom around the psychology of how people interact. I think he's going to be a big success

So enjoy this conversation. It’s a great example of not letting challenges hold you back!

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