Ep009: Sean Corder

Today, we're talking with Sean Corder from South Carolina. Sean's been working with us since 2012. He started out with a money-making website and has built his business doing the Getting Listings program and the world's most interesting postcard.

We had a great conversation about some of the ideas he can use to focus on combining the buyer side of his business with the listing getting side and looking to be more of a market-maker. He's in a very popular area with a lot of out of town buyers, the seasonal vacation market. I think being at the beach is not going to go out of style in the next 10, 20 years. It's a long-term trend that’s only going to continue.

We had a great conversation about this long game approach. You're going to enjoy this.

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Ep008: Kenny MacCarthy

Hello, welcome to the listing agent Lifestyle podcast. My name's Dean Jackson and today we've got a great podcast for you.

I've got Kenny MacCarthy with us from Cape Ann, just above Boston, and I thought Kenny was the perfect next guest after our episode with Zach Pasmanick last week. If you remember Zach last week was talking about how he's been doing the Getting Listings program for in town condos and how can we find all of the buyers for this market and become a market maker.

Well, this is something that Kenny MacCarthy’s been doing around Cape Ann with ocean front homes. We've got a great conversation today. We started by talking about all of the Getting Listings results that Kenny's been getting. And moving into expanding outside of just doing the Getting Listings program on his own behalf and starting to think like a market maker.

So I think you're going to enjoy this episode. Lots of great stuff to expand your mind.

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Ep007: Zac Pasmanik

Hello, and welcome to the Listing Agent Lifestyle Podcast. My name is Dean Jackson, and today, I'm very excited. We have Zac Pasmanik with us.

Zac is a long-time friend and a very successful real estate broker in Atlanta, Georgia. We go back almost 22 or 23 years now, and Zac's had a lot of success running our Getting Listings program in Atlanta.

Today, we get to talk about that, and especially how to capitalize on all this equity that he’s built up, and we talked about some great strategies to go deep in a few of the segments of his market.

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Ep006: Listing Agent Lifestyle Score

Welcome to the Listing Agent Lifestyle Podcast. Today I want to share with you a call I had with our GoGoAgent.com members just a couple of weeks ago as we were leading into the end of the year.

At this time of year, the last month of the year, things kind of slow down a little in the real estate world, and it's a good time to reflect and look at what's going on in your business going forward. We've introduced the eight elements of the Listing Agent Lifestyle over the last few episodes and on the call I'm going to share with you now, we go a little deeper into each of the eight elements and address it as a scorecard.

You can look to see where you stand on each of these elements, whether you are winning in that element, whether you're doing okay in or whether it's something that needs to be addressed and build a plan around it.

In the call we're going to talk about all eight of the elements, getting listings, multiplying your listings, getting referrals, finding buyers and converting leads, as well as daily joy and abundant time and financial peace. We're going to explain a little about how to look at them and how to evaluate where the opportunity is in your business.

I think you're going to really enjoy this, especially if you like to do some reflecting at the end of the year and look forward to building plans for a brand new year.

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Ep005: Brian Kiernan

Welcome to the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast. My name is Dean Jackson. Today we’re talking with a brand new agent, Brian Kiernan from Orange, Connecticut.

What's interesting about Brian is that he's actually been a GoGoAgent.com member longer than he's been a licensed realtor, but he wanted to get all of his ducks in a row, get his marketing set up, so that when he finally got his real estate license he was ready to go.

We had a great conversation. He's just started setting up Getting Listings. He's mailed out his first ones and had his first responses, so we talk about how to build on that foundation. How to start now really looking for the best thing he can do to convert those into listings.

It may be surprising what we end up talking about.

We then wrapped it all up with a little bit of talk about his after unit and setting up his top 150.

Whether you’ve been a realtor for years, or you’re just getting started, you’ll get a lot from this episode.

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Ep004: Tony Fabiano

Welcome to The Listing Agent Lifestyle Podcast. My name is Dean Jackson and I'm excited because today we've moving on in a series focusing on your business.

We started off the podcast with a series of three episodes looking at people who are a little further down the road in this listing agent lifestyle. We kicked it off with Tony Kalsi, who's just finished the four year case study to show what happens running the Getting Listings program, and how it created 11 times ROI on the investment over that time. Then we talked with Chuck Charlton, who's 12 years down the road and the impact these things we’re talking about has had on his business. Then last week we talked with Ron Reed, who was a new GoGoAgent user last year. He very quickly, even in the 30 day free trial got his first listing and went on to generate $55,000 from one area, starting with 400 homes.

Now, I want to focus on talking about your business. I've been getting emails from people who have listened to the first few episodes saying, "Wow, this is really interesting. Tell me more, how do I take the next step? Where do I start? How do I go to that level?".

One of those emails from Tony Fabiano in Toronto. I reached out to Tony and said, "Tony, let's do this. Let's come on and let's spend an hour and we'll talk about what's going on in your business. We'll talk about the elements of the listing agent lifestyle. We'll do some analysis on where the opportunities are in your business."

We just wrapped up that conversation. I'll tell you what, Tony couldn't be a nicer guy. We had a great conversation. He's really thoughtful. He's got a really good handle on where his business is coming from. He's primarily, which is a testament to who he is as a person, a repeat and referral business. He's got a nice business doing 30 plus transactions this year.

We dug in, looked at the numbers, decided what the key metrics are that driver those results, and how to maybe move the needle a little bit. The hour went very quick. We had a great conversation. I look forward to hearing great things from Tony over the next year, so stay tuned and enjoy this episode.

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Ep003: Ron Reed

Welcome to the listing agent lifestyle podcast. My name is Dean Jackson and today, we have Ron Reed with us from Madison, Wisconsin.

Ron is finishing out our Getting Listings trifecta of shows that we started with Tony Kalsi and his four year case study, showing the ROI from doing Getting Listings in one neighborhood. And then Chuck Charlton who showed how continuing with the program for 10 years works out.

So today we have Ron Reed who joined us just over a year ago and in that one year, he really took off. He got his first listing in the first month of following the Getting Listings program, even before his free trial of GoGoAgent.com, even ended, and he's gone on to parlay that into a bigger area that he's mailing to.

Ron's a disciplined executor and I love that about him, but he's also very astute in measuring and tracking results of everything he does.

You're really going to enjoy this conversation.

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Ep002: Chuck Charlton

Hello and welcome to The Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast. My name's Dean Jackson, and today we have a podcast for you. I mean a real podcast. We went over the hour, but I think you're going to agree that this is a really great conversation.

I have Chuck Charlton with me today. I first met Chuck and his beautiful wife Melissa about 12 years ago when they moved to a brand new area to start their real estate business, and I’ve been with them the whole way, working very closely setting up and helping them get started with the Getting Listings and Finding Buyers programs, and working all the time to, really without having the name for it, build a listing agent lifestyle.

Chuck is one of my favorite people to talk to. We've worked very closely over a lot of these years, and they've built an amazing business.

I think Chuck is the perfect next guest after you've just heard Tony Kalsi with the most recent four year case study, Chuck is the OG. The original.

When we first launched the Getting Listings program in 2005, or 2006, Chuck was the person who got the first listing from the program, before the course even ended, and has gone on to build an amazing business on the back of that, continuing to add to it.

He's a real student of the game. A real thoughtful, diligent executor, and I'm happy to share this conversation with you.

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