Ep093: Tom Storey

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast, we are in for a treat because we're talking with Tom Storey from Toronto.

One of the elements of the Listing Agent Lifestyle we always talk about is Getting Referrals and managing your after unit for a 20% annual yield. Well, here we are, we're going to be talking with someone today who's doing just that!

You're going to hear just how possible it is to get a really great yield and high volume of transactions, based on the relationships with a small group of people.

I think this is going to be very motivating. We spent almost the entire podcast talking about his After Unit, and leveraging the things he has going on with his Listing Multiplier opportunities created from the business he's doing.

You'll want to listen closely, and take some notes for this one.

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Ep092 - Ric Luis Araujo

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Ric Luis Araujo from Oahu, Hawaii and Ric has just started the Getting Listings program, mailing to an area he wants to dominate.

We identified a couple of tweaks that will fundamentally shift the way he thinks about the program, and I'm glad we had this conversation because we spent the entire hour talking about the structure and thought process behind why and how the Getting Listings program works the way it does.

I think even though Ric felt like he was alone in wondering if this approach will work for him, and if he was 'doing it right', I know a lot of people have similar questions. So this full hour is exactly about how do we evaluate the area you're choosing to mail, why we do what we do, and what you can expect when you start a Getting Listings mailing for your area.

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Ep091: Rene Nelson

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Rene Nelson from Eugene, Oregon and Renee is a commercial real estate broker who specializes in multi-family apartment complexes in Eugene.

She's had a lot of success, especially around the University of Oregon campus where a lot of investors are eager to buy multi-family homes because of the rental nature of people coming to go to school.

We had a wonderful conversation about the importance of really dominating that target market because there are so few people actually control that whole space. There are only 235 owners who own 500 buildings, which can tame all of the multi-family homes over four units in Eugene.

We talked about a complete strategy to dominate not only the listing side of the market but the buyer side as well. The ideas are totally transferrable from everything we talk about on the residential side, and the same applies if you're trying to dominate lakefront homes or golf course homes or oceanfront condos... multi-family is no different. We need to speak to sellers in a language that's appealing to sellers, all the while speaking to and attracting buyers with a language that's attractive to them.

Then we can put them together as a market maker.

This was a really great conversation, it went very quickly, and there's a lot for you to get out of it.

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Ep090: Tony Kalsi

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're joined once again by Tony Kalsi form Ontario in Canada.

You may remember Tony from his appearance as the very first guest on the podcast. Well, this September marks the sixth year of his Getting Listings case study, and the numbers are pretty amazing.

We're now at over a million dollars in commissions, with a 12.2 times ROI, and it's pretty exciting to see how it all has worked out so far. We're well down the path of multiplying the investment Tony's made in that first year, and we spent a lot of the call talking really about what happened in those 12 months.

What was amazing is that we found that since mailing the first year postcards, he's got 165 people to raise their hand and ask for the report, and since that time he's done 22 transactions with people who responded in the first 12 months.

So over the six years, he's got 22 listings from this group, and there were another 22 people who sold their house, but not with Tony. I know people often ask, 'Are the people responding to a free house price report really selling their house? Well, clearly they are, and Tony was able to get 50% of the people who requested the report and then went on to sell their house in the next six years.

It's interesting because some of them chose Tony this year, even though they responded in 2013!

This is a fascinating conversation and I want it to be an encouragement for you to get started and come on over to GoGoAgent.com. You get access to the entire program, every single thing that Tony's doing, including other interviews and videos that will give you you the opportunity to do exactly what Tony has done. You can get a free trial, no credit card required, take a look around and try it out for 30 days.

While you're looking around, take a listen to this weeks episode.

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Ep089: Eelco de Boer

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we have a great show for you because I'm speaking with my good friend Eelco de Boer.

As you know, I was traveling over the summer, and while in Amsterdam for our 4th annual Breakthrough Blueprint event, we got to record our Periodic Podcast. It's a kind of 'year in marketing' review for both of us.

We talked about a lot of the things that we've done over the last 12 months, compare notes, reflect on our successes, and talk about what we see for the future.

It's perfect timing as we're moving into the 2020s to look at what are the things shaping not only the next 10 years on a macro level, but what are the technologies, the sentiments, and the tools that we can actually take advantage of right now.

I also want to give you a heads up that October 19th and 20th in Toronto, we are doing a marketing and real estate event about the future of real estate marketing.

The first day is in conjunction with the Archangel summit where there'll be a few thousand people with Seth Godin, Todd Herman, Elizabeth Gilbert and lots of other amazing speakers. Then on the second day, we'll have a day just for real estate agents, so it's more like a mastermind where we can talk about all the things that are going to be important in getting poised and ready for deploying the marketing, mindset, and tools for the 2020s

So if you want to get ahead of the curve here, just send me an email to Dean@DeanJackson.com, and I'll get you all of the details.

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Ep088: Productively multiply your listings

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're wrapping up the final installment of our summer series on 10 Money Getting Ideas for your real estate business with number nine, Multiplying Your Listings, and number 10, Becoming a Productivity Ninja.

There's going to be some really great ideas here. I really work a lot on this idea of Multiplying Your Listings. If you've got listings right now and you're the only one with that listing, then you've got an opportunity that's amazing right now.

You've got not just the opportunity to get that listing sold, but you've got an opportunity to find the buyer for that house. You've got the opportunity to find a buyer who buys another house if they don't buy this one. You've got the opportunity to get the next listing in that neighborhood, and you've got the opportunity to get a referral from the seller before the end of the transaction.

There is so, so much opportunity to leverage what you're doing.

You're going to enjoy this episode.

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Ep087: Fall in love with your prospects

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're continuing our series on 10 Money Getting Ideas with one that's a little bit different - 'Fall in love with your prospects'.

Now, you'll see what I mean by that because there's nothing more powerful than love as a motivator, and this idea, when you start thinking about it, 'what if you were really treating each prospect like they were the love of your life?' is kind of an interesting mindset.

You'll see some of the thoughts that this leads to.

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Ep086: Be a Market Maker

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're going to talk about something that you can put into action right now... literally today, and preferably every week for the rest of your career.

This is the one thing that can have the lowest cost, highest yield return in your business, and we call it being a market maker.

There are many opportunities available to you here, but if I could instill one habit in you, it would be to get into the Market Maker Monday habit where every week on Monday, you take a moment and think to yourself, who am I working with right now? Who am I going to show homes to this week? Who am I going to see about selling their home this week?, and then think to yourself, who do I know, who are my clients, or who are the people in my sphere that live immediately near those places I'm already going to?

You're able to, with this simple email strategy we're going to talk about, be able to turn that thought into a referral getting opportunity.

You're really going to enjoy this episode.

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Ep085: Set Up Listing Oil Wells

Today the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast, I'm calling in from Toronto, coming to the end of our summer adventure, and heading back to Florida on Sunday.

I'm excited about this week's episode because it's a topic that's perfect timing for right now.

As we come toward the end of the summer and into the fall, if you can get your ducks in a row for what we're going to talk about here, building your listing and creating oil wells to get listings that continue to pump out new listings for you, then you've got a great lead in to the New Year with a lot of potential listings as soon as they are ready to start putting their homes on the market.

So I think you're going to enjoy this episode.

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Ep084: Generate More Buyer Leads Than You Can Handle

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're continuing our Money Making Ideas series and we're going to be talking about an exciting topic; generating more buyer leads than you can handle.

It's an interesting topic because from that abundance, from generating more buyer leads than you can handle, you'll see there are a lot of opportunities that come with it.

Let's get started.

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