Ep019: Cyndee Haydon

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Cyndee Haydon from sunny Florida, and we have a really great conversation lined up.

We’re talking about something that could have an immediate impact in your business. Your Listing Multiplier Index. The number of transactions per listing, that you end up creating with your marketing. Things like finding a buyer for that listing, and finding other buyers who are going to buy other homes from you, getting other listings in that neighborhood, and getting a referral from the seller.

There's lots of opportunity to amplify what you do and I think you're going to find it very inspirational, when we do the math on what happened for Cyndee, going from a Listing Multiplier Index of 1.2, to now being up over 3.3. That’s over three transactions per listing in an area where each commission is $15,000 or more. That's real money. That makes a big, big difference.

All the things I mention here, I'm going to post up on the GoGoAgent blog at gogoagent.com. This is going to be something that you’ll really want to come over and check out, because the resources we share, just in this episode, can make an amazing difference in your business.

I'm really looking forward to you listening to this episode.

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Ep018: William Madison

What someone sees when they look at a home is only one part of the puzzle and it's easy to overlook all the other elements that go into their decision.

Today's show is a great reminder of how your knowledge and understanding of a market can establish you as their 'go to' person, helping your clients make a decision that meets all their needs.

We're talking with William Madison from Portland, Oregon, and William has one unique characteristic that’s going to make his adventure in real estate a little bit different because he’s completely blind.

We had a really great conversation about taking something in an industry that’s very visual, and capturing the essence of the marketing, the insight, and the relationship building, to work around being completely blind and still be a successful real estate agent.

We looked at how a listening centric approach can help leverage his knowledge. We've been working closely with William to help get started with the Getting Listings program in a particular high end neighborhood of Portland. He has a great attitude, and wisdom around the psychology of how people interact. I think he's going to be a big success

So enjoy this conversation. It’s a great example of not letting challenges hold you back!

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Ep017: Getting Listings

I think you better pack a light snack for today's Listing Agent Lifestyle episode. It's a long one, packed with greatness!

Today we have another live episode from our GoGoAgent Academy, here in Florida just a couple of weeks ago.

In this session, we're focused completely on Getting Listings. We've got a mix of people in the room from people who've been running the Getting Listings program successfully for several years, to people who are just getting started, so this is going to give you a really great overview of all of the cool things we talk about around Getting Listings.

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Ep016: Academy Mastermind

A couple of weeks ago we held our GoGoAgent Academy Mastermind in Orlando. It was a really great two days, masterminding, sharing and thinking about all the elements of the Listing Agent Lifestyle we talk about here.

We got to see a lot of people we've been working with over the past few years on their GoGoAgent programs, and some people I've known for over 20 years now. Some you’d recognize as guests on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast.

So I wanted to give you an inside look at what we do at our Academy. This is the opening session where we talked about the future of real estate and I'll share some of the other sessions over the coming weeks.

There were some great ideas shared and it’s always amazing to see the breakthroughs people have in a mastermind environment, where you can really spend a couple of days just fully immersed in talking about the Listing Agent Lifestyle.

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Ep015: Marguerite Crespillo

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle Podcast we're talking with Marguerite Crespillo.

I've known Marguerite for over 22 years now! She's in Placer County, California, up near Sacramento, and she's a doer! She gets stuff done.

She's been running the getting listings program in her area, focused on country properties and estates. She's been getting some great results right out of the gate, so we talked about some of the opportunities to really multiply what she has going on and be a Market Maker within the country property market.

I think you're going to enjoy this episode, and let's see what would be a great opportunity for you to be a Market Maker in your market.

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Ep014: Yassin Shaar

Today, we're talking with Yassin Shaar. Yassin is a real estate mogul. A real estate impresario who's taking over the rent-to-own world with a very focused market and we spent a lot of our time talking about how to position Yassin as a market maker.

We talked about a concept where the mechanics are that we’re looking at being a market maker and the specifics are that he's looking for people who have homes they would like to sell.

We know there are people who want to buy homes, rent to own but they can't afford a down payment for whatever reason right now. Then we have investors who would like to buy homes with a presale that people would like to ultimately own.

That triangulation as a market maker is where the opportunity lies.

Listen in, and you'll see how the idea unfolds, and keep in mind, this concept can apply to so many things where there's an opportunity for you to be a market maker.

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Ep013: Gus Nystrom

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle, we're talking with Gus Nystrom, a realtor from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Gus has been with us at GoGoAgent.com for some time now and he's got some really cool things he's working on.

We had a really great, well-rounded conversation talking about all elements of multiplying his listings including using the getting listings program and the world's most interesting postcard in his after unit. So many opportunities to build this listing centric approach to your business.

We cover a lot and you're going to really enjoy this conversation.

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Ep012: Kurt Nilsen

Today we're talking with Kurt Nielsen, a Mortgage Broker in Clackamas, Oregon, near Portland. Kurt's been in business for several years. He works with his wife who's a real estate agent, and we've been working together for many years.

Real Estate is one of my favorite things to talk about. I have so many examples, it's the perfect way to illustrate the Listing Agent Lifestyle principles we talk about here, and demonstrate how the 8-Profit Activators, the before, during, and after units all work together.

There are so many specific implementations and today we're going to work across them all, from identifying a target audience all the way through to converting those people into clients.

I love how enthusiastic Kurt is and how I have no doubt that he is an implementer because I've seen it happen. I've seen him take our Bank owned Weekly and the Tax Credit Guide programs in the past and just run with them to really build a successful operation. I've got no doubts that he'll be able to execute and apply the things we talk about today.

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Ep011: Connie Schiffert & Sarah Johnson

Welcome to the Listing Agent Lifestyle Podcast my name is Dean Jackson, and today we have Connie Schiffert from Edina, Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis and her daughter Sarah.

This is going to be a fun call, I’ve known Connie for almost 20 years. She been a money making website clients from the very early days, almost 16 years now, and one of the first people to start with the Getting Listings Program.

She has great experience of all of the things we talk about here and has built a really nice business around her money making website. We had a great conversation about all kinds of things including how to narrow an area in a meaningful way.

A lot of times people are wonder, "Where do I focus... What area should I choose if I'm going to start a Getting Listings Program?” Or “How do I find my niche if I live in an area where there really aren't any gated communities, or named communities?" So, we had a really great conversation about how to set yourself apart, how to create something that will be compelling to the people who really want the particular thing an area offers.

We talked about some of these incredible ‘non-algorithmic’ searches as I call them.

So, if you’re thinking about how you can identify an area, you’ll really enjoy this episode.

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Ep010: Thomas March

Welcome to the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast. Today we're going to be talking with Thomas March a realtor from Sacramento, California. We had a great conversation ranging from getting listings to converting leads and really focused on the long game compared to what many realtors think about, which is the short term ‘pounce on them’ and lead conversion approach.

I think you're really going to enjoy this episode.

Also today, I've posted up the new Listing Agent Lifestyle book. It's the manifesto that sets the tone for everything we talk about here on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast. You can download a copy of it right now just on the left of the screen here.

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