Ep037: Amplify your authority

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're going to talk about something that could be a really powerful lead generation, and lead conversion tool for you. We’re talking about a book.

There's nothing more revered in our society as an authority figure than someone who has written a book. It's gone on for centuries. We even have Government sponsored buildings that are filled with books where we go, and in hushed tones take in the knowledge that’s collected.

That gives us an advantage. When you can package information that YOU have, specialized knowledge that you bring together and format as a book, it goes such a long way in helping people putting down their skepticism and accepting what you are putting out as an authority.

We’ve used this in many different ways. We have books we use as lead generation tools. We have a book called How to Sell Your House for Top Dollar Fast that we use in our Getting Listings program. One of the very first things I did as a Realtor was to package up information about where I lived, Halton Hills into a guide for people who were moving to the area. They could gather up all the information they would need to know, and discover what they could get for their money in Halton Hills. Penny Alpert, who you may remember from an earlier episode has just finished her book called Stop Your Foreclosure. A great way to identify and help anybody going through that process.

You're going to really enjoy thinking through this process of what could be a book title you could use for your lead generation, lead conversion book or a specialized niche type of book for your, for your business.

I'm going to let you listen in on a book title workshop I did for our 90-Minute Book clients. You’re really going to get a lot out of it, and I hope it stimulates some ideas for you, so you can really use this great tool for your business.


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