Ep065: Diane Lightsey

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we have an update with Diane Lightsey, who’s not only our GoGoAgent specialist working on my team here in Winter Haven, but she’s also a Realtor, acting as our secret laboratory, our development lab, running all of the programs that we have in GoGoAgent.com.

We'll check in with Diane periodically for updates and progress reports so you can see how her progress actually unfolds. Today we’ve got lots of exciting updates in terms of what's going on with Getting Listings, Finding Buyers and the world's most interesting postcard.

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Transcript: Listing Agent Lifestyle Ep065

Dean: Diane Lightsey.

Diane: Hi, Dean.

Dean: Look at us, again.

Diane: Right? I know. Here we are.

Dean: Here we are. It's all very exciting. Lots going on. Lots of activity. We're getting ready for our GoGo Agent Academy coming up this weekend. Getting everything ready to meet everybody and have a good event. And busy working on real estate.

Diane: Yes.

Dean: Mm-hmm.

Diane: Mm-hmm. I'm excited.

Dean: Yes. It's interesting now too, part of why I want to continue to periodically have you back to talk about this is to kind of document everything the way it kind of happens in real time, especially at a normal pace. If I just want to hit the highlights up to get everybody up to date since we last talked here, Diane works in my office with me on our GoGo Agent team. She is, we've activated her real estate license.

Diane was a very successful real estate agent before coming to join our GoGo Agent team. She was using our money making website for a number of years and then now getting back into real estate. We have kind of used this opportunity to document everything as we're deploying it. We've already got all the systems for helping people deploy the Listing Agent Lifestyle in their business.

We've been going along, taking steps to implement things in each of the Listing Agent Lifestyle elements. We've got Getting Listings as element number one, multiplying your listings as element number two. We've got getting referrals and converting leads and finding buyers. Right now we've been implementing everything and we've got things going in each of those right now, updating people as to where the progression is. If you're just starting out we're hoping that listening to the tales of what's happening with Diane is going to be an inspiration for you. You get to watch it all unfold.

Starting, the first two things that we did were get the Getting Listings program started and get your top 150, which I know is not quite up to 150 yet for you, but we're getting to. The fact is that people are getting the World's Most Interesting Postcard. The good news is I think you're up to two listings so far from that. You tell me what's been going on now because this is all very exciting.

Diane: Oh wow. Well so far to say something about the World's Most Interesting Postcard and the fact that I am not up to 150, now I'm going to speak on behalf of like the GoGo Agent side, as being a part of your team because I see that. I see that a lot. I see that it seems to be that is the most challenging part to get together because of trying to get the addresses. But I just want to say that we can do that.

With that said, it's been really successful for me with two listings. They're so effortless because you just pick up the phone, or they're calling you and saying, "Hey, can you come list my house?" That's been my motivation to get that list past 150, when you think about it like that.

But okay, a lot has been going on. I didn't tell you about this this morning but I also got a new pinpoint price analysis description in from the website-

Dean: Oh, good.

Diane: This morning. Yeah, yeah.

Dean: Nice.

Diane: But we've had a lot so I don't know if you really want me to go into this but we've had, in the last week, two weeks, we've had the Southeast Winter Haven guide that is just crazy leads, 18 leads in one day.

Dean: I like that.

Diane: I'm real excited about that campaign for some reason. Maybe it's because of, well, I'm excited but it's been the most work behind the scenes, a lot of great detail. USDA, I mean that's been really, I think a lot of times as a realtor we hear all these wonderful ideas, and we listen to the podcasts, and we hear everybody's numbers, and we show up for the Academy calls, and we call and we talk about everything. But implementing that there seems to be a block. For me, when we first talk about USDA the first thing that throws up a mental block for me is, "Oh my gosh, I don't know that."

Dean: Right.

Diane: You really don't need to know that. That's why you have the mortgage people in line. But there's 28 leads from that.

Dean: Yeah, this is-

Diane: …Listed Monday.

Dean: This is great. Okay, let's do this because there's so much to share. Let's kind of go through the elements in order and talk about the progress report on each of them. First of all, the Getting Listings. We've got now, we've been doing this since August. You started with the postcards and the Facebook ads. We've been doing some really neat things on this. I don't know what numbers you have in front of you or if you have the numbers.

Diane: I have them. I have them all.

Dean: Okay, good. When we look at the primary things that we've chosen, we started out with two named communities, Cypress Wood and Lake Ashton, and then Ruby Lake as a smaller gated community in there. We've been focusing our attention on those areas. We've been implementing the Getting Listings program that we have by the book. We've been doing it exactly the way that we teach people to do it. You've now, how many leads have we generated for those areas overall? Do you know the, what do you have in terms of what's actually happening there?

Diane: Yes. For Cypress Wood, which is a smaller community than Lake Ashton, we have 40 leads total.

Dean: 40 leads, okay.

Diane: then for Lake Ashton we have 95 leads total.

Dean: Okay. 95 leads in Lake Ashton. When you just want to put this in perspective for people here, this means that in an area of 1000 homes probably in Lake Ashton or how many homes are there? You must know because we mailed to them.

Diane: There's 1100 mail, we mail to less than that because it is a community where everyone's not there and they're not receiving their mail so yeah.

Dean: Right. So we're mailing to how many?

Diane: We're mailing to 838.

Dean: Okay, so let's just put this in perspective. We're mailing to 800 and something people and we have generated 95 leads through a combination of not just the postcards but also the Facebook ads which we've been doing to amplify this stuff. Just for perspective here, we've generated, we've gotten 10 percent of the community to raise their hand and ask for our report on Lake Ashton house prices. In Cypress Wood we've gotten probably five percent of them to raise their hand, right?

Diane: Yeah. There's 600 we're mailing to, mm-hmm.

Dean: Oh, 600. So seven and a half percent let's call that. When you look at it right now that here's the asset that we're building is we've identified people who are, it's on their mind. They're thinking about the house prices. That's kind of the precursor to anybody thinking about selling their house. Now we've got this asset of those people getting a monthly newsletter from us with the Get Top Dollar, each month we have a follow-up newsletter that we send, that we prepare. It's all part of our GoGo agent program and the Getting Listings program.

Each month the people get the cover letter that we've already written, the newsletter that's already written, and the updates of all of the activity that's happened in the last 30 days. Everybody is getting those updates every month. They know who Diane Lightsey is. They're starting to really get that sense that you're acting on their behalf, that you've been every month mailing them those things. The gentleman in Ruby Lake, this has been awhile now to get to the point where he's actually, we're getting it on the market this week. But what I want to set the stage for people is that this is not about making any outbound calls. You've made zero calls outbound to people.

Diane: Zero.

Dean: You haven't followed up with them to say, "Hey, now's the time you want to get your house on the market," or anything like that. Everything that we've done has just been about sending them the postcard. When they respond, sending them the initial package gives them all of the activity that's been going on along with the How To Sell Your House for Top Dollar Fast book and the monthly Get Top Dollar newsletter to follow up. Then what happens when they call you, because I know you have people reach out to you. I haven't heard about the story of the pinpoint price analysis yet, but tell me about your Ruby Lake gentleman, how he reached out to you, how that whole conversation started.

Diane: Yeah. One thing that I have realized, it's pretty effortless. Because I think we get caught up in the illusion of action and we really don't have to take any action like you said. We're just delivering exactly what we've promised and nothing more. It was an email, "I would like for you to come out and talk to me about listing my house," not, "I would like you to come out and talk to me." That's been what I've heard with every listing and appointment I've had. "I want you to come out and talk to me about listing my home."

Dean: That's awesome. Now what I'd love to, just as a side note, is if you can forward me that email if you still have it because I'll talk about it this weekend at the Academy. Just to show how it actually happens.

Diane: Sure.

Dean: So you emailed him back and then ultimately you ended up, did you talk with him to set up a time to get together or did you do it all by email and just arrange to go over and see him?

Diane: It could have been done through email, however, I chose to have that conversation because I like to have that initial conversation.

Dean: Sure.

Diane: But it was so easy. It was, "When would you like me?" He was interviewing other agents as well, five. It was very easy. I called. I wanted to speak with him.

Dean: Okay. Then now you're going to get that one listed. What's the price going to be on that?

Diane: 355.

Dean: 355. Okay, so that's a good size.

Diane: We have two listings from him actually. We have another that'll be ready in one month.

Dean: Oh yeah, because he's got another house. How much is that one going to be?

Diane: That one's going to be 270.

Dean: Okay. There we go. That's a great outcome. That's awesome. That is exactly what we're talking about. Now I know you've gone to see a couple of other people in Lake Ashton. Are they similar situations that people, they emailed you or called you or what did that?

Diane: Lake Ashton was calls. I returned the calls. It was pretty much along the same dialogue. "We would like for you to come out and take a look at our home and talk to us about listing our home."

Dean: Then what about the pinpoint price analysis today?

Diane: Yeah. That one, it comes through the money making website.

Dean: Oh okay, right, because in the email that we're sending out to them.

Diane: Yes. You attach your super signature and that was one of the calls to actions. She did not include her phone number so I responded through email with her.

Dean: Nice.

Diane: Yes.

Dean: Good.

Diane: Yeah. But it's all very exciting, Dean. Then with Frostproof, that was the World's Most Interesting Postcard, well you'll get to that part.

Dean: Yeah, we'll get there. I just want to set the stage for people then that they understand that this is just literally all happening real time. We're just sharing how it all works. The funny thing about it is that you're doing it but you're also doing this for other people, for some of our GoGo agents. You're like handling the whole thing. You think about if you are a split personality here and you are acting as Diane the GoGo girl and Diane the real estate agent, that the activity of you, everything you're doing on your behalf as the realtor are the things that we do for other people. If you think about it from the standpoint of if you were the real estate agent Diane, your only involvement in this is when people email and say, or call and say, "Can you come out and talk to me about listing my house?"

Diane: That's it.

Dean: It's really you don't have to do anything else as the realtor. Except prepare, maybe you would have to send the update, the report. Once a month you do a search on everything that's happened in Lake Ashton. Now do you do that, when you're doing all that as part of the easy button program are you doing those searches for people or are they sending you the search? Or are they just including the search?

Diane: No, they're sending that.

Dean: They're sending it.

Diane: It's been quite easy.

Dean: That's all they have to do. Only the part that requires a license or requires access to the MLS. They just do that one search once a month and then everything else gets prepared. That's pretty exciting. I love to see all that happen. Full steam ahead on that. We're six months in right now. Things are happening exactly the way that we would expect.

Now sometimes it happens faster. We've had people who've listed homes like literally in the first month. You could have and should have had this house in Ruby Lake on the market earlier than this but there's been delays and stuff like that. But it doesn't matter, it's happening and unfolding as it is. I can't wait to see how this unfolds over the rest of the year.

I just talked with Tony Kelsey before I got on the phone with you here. He's coming down this weekend for the Academy. He's just like, he told me he's going to blow my mind, the number of transactions that have happened between September and now. It's just coming so fast for him.

Diane: What a treat.

Dean: Into our sixth year of that now. Just the mountainous, cumulative effect of all of those things. I love it, that we're at 95 leads in Lake Ashton, 40 leads in Cypress Wood. What I'm super excited about is we've moved into another area now. We have chosen an area of Southeast Winter Haven. I was noodling, always trying to figure out how we can target these individual neighborhoods. They're sort of, Southeast Winter Haven is the, that's where the most expensive homes are in Winter Haven. That would be largely the-

Diane: Yes, yes. Our gated communities, yeah.

Dean: Yeah, all the gated communities over here. When you look at this little corridor between Lake Lulu and Cypress and Lake Eloise and Winterset and Ruby Lake, that whole little corridor is surrounded by communities that are 50 homes to maybe 200 homes kind of thing on the high end of it. It's not impossible but more, but very difficult to micro-target 50 homes. I live here in Valhalla and there's 50 homes here. It would be not impossible but it would take a little work to narrow down to just here.

But then I had the idea of taking a, putting them together as Southeast illustrating that, I basically took a screencap of the map of the area and then drew, with the drawing tool on my iPhone, a red oval around the three lake area there all from Cypress Gardens Boulevard in. Then we put together all of the communities. There were 18 or 20 different communities that you identified as all of those named communities which put them in the ad. We named them all and put it all together as one report. Just as our test I wanted to do it before the Academy. We ran it, we did a $20 test and we generated 18 leads in 24 hours for less than $1.20 for these, to generate 18 listing leads with a reach on the ad of 900 and something people. It's almost like mailing the postcards. That's the approach that we take to it. Now we're off to a good start here. We've got 18 people who have raised their hand for the Southeast report.

Diane: Yeah, and they've already received their reports. They're already in the mail.

Dean: Oh, you've already mailed it out. Now we're just following up with-

Diane: Oh, yeah.

Dean: Yeah. Following up with everybody in the same way. They're all going to get the same stuff. Yeah. I think this is phenomenal. Did you notice where some of them were?

Diane: Yeah. They're kind of in a close little area, yeah. I just dropped your map. I duplicated your map in MLS too when I did my search to send out the data which is very easy to do.

Dean: Oh, okay.

Diane: Yeah.

Dean: Nice.

Diane: Yeah. We're still working on some things behind the scenes here but yeah, they're kind of in a little area. What I like, kind of jumping back over to Getting Listings for just a second, what I like about doing these monthly reports is it gives me an opportunity to really see what's happening in the community and I become more familiar. In August if you asked me something about Lake Ashton I might have been a little bit slower to answer and needed to get more data.

Dean: Right.

Diane: But now you ask me, I'm going to know that's the Ashton model, that's the Bastion model. Going through this, when you do the work every month and send out the packages you become your own expert in the area too. I feel familiar with Southeast Winter Haven. I like it. Yeah, they were all in different communities. We did have two from Traditions, which is a 55 plus community. But the other ones were kind of spread out in different areas.

Dean: That's awesome. You know what I'm noticing? This is kind of funny but I'm noticing that the, I'm looking at the image that we used in the ad. What I noticed is that there's a pin drop up in the corner where I actually was when I took the screencap because I was sitting at Starbucks. I was sitting at Starbucks drawing this out for Ben to do the ads so you can see that-

Diane: Oh yeah.

Dean: I'm at Starbucks and there's the image around it. It's pretty funny. But anyway, since then we had the idea, got it up, got 18 leads in 24 hours and now we've got-

Diane: Yeah. The simplicity of it, yeah.

Dean: The potential sellers here. That makes that. I feel really good about that. Now the next, we'll do that again next month. I'm continuing to run the ad here because I want to show people what happens when you continue to run the ad. What I've really discovered is that the best way to look at this is as if we're mailing postcards. Because what we're going to notice is that the lead cost is going to go up over this next two days because we're showing it to less new people. You're going to see that the same people are seeing it again because we've micro-targeted the audience just to people that live within the boundaries of the circle that we've drawn here.

Diane: Well I want to-

Dean: Each month that'll go out-

Diane: Can I share something with you?

Dean: Yeah.

Diane: Yeah, can I share something with you? Okay. I'm going to pull something up on my phone if I still have it. Yeah, the Market Center Administrator in my office, and people from Keller Williams know what that means, but he, okay I don't have his message. But he sent me a text and are you still there Dean?

Dean: Yes.

Diane: Okay, okay. He sent me a text and said that he was very impressed with what we were running. He saw the ad because he posted in the cities. He reached out and said this is really some high level ads that you've put together. He saw that and subscribed. He lives in, so he's on our list. I just wanted to tell you that, that he was impressed with just-

Dean: Oh, that's great.

Diane: Yeah. Okay, I'm sorry.

Dean: Well no, but you know what happens is that it certainly, I get it that it certainly gets attention. It really is completely, if you live in that area and you see something with a red outline around your neighborhood you're kind of curious about what that is.

Diane: Well it, yeah, and it validates that other people, that we get so worried about so many different agents in the same area.

Dean: Right.

Diane: Should I keep sending the postcard every single month? What about Susie at Remax?

Dean: Right

Diane: But he's with 90 different agents and obviously they're not doing that, what we're doing.

Dean: Right. That's great. Cool. Now for next month what we'll do is use the same model that we're using with Lake Ashton and Cypress Wood in that we'll add your video ad. We'll find somewhere to go that represents Southeast Winter Haven and say, "This is Diane Lightsey reporting live from Renaissance with your report." Each month looking at the different, going through the different neighborhoods picking one of those areas and showing, inserting the image to show that are. We could almost have you like the weather girl pointing to the map.

Diane: Right. I like that.

Dean: "There were seven sales in Renaissance. There were four sales in Windham. Those were the most active ones. We've got the whole report for you at Southeast Winter Haven Report." That is another area. I think that the good thing that we'll do here is run in parallel to the other ones and do it just 100 percent digitally without the postcards, just do the Facebook on that and monitor it separately to see how that all goes. Which would make a lot of people happy if we could continue that pace of generating 17 leads a month for $20. That would be a big win.

Diane: Yes.

Dean: Mm-hmm. I like what I'm hearing.

Diane: Is just good to, you know.

Dean: Yeah.

Diane: If you're going to be an expert you got to be it, think it, speak it.

Dean: That's exactly right. So that's the Getting Listings report. Everything firing on all cylinders. I like that. That'll be a good thing. We'll get to action on the listing multipliers when you get this one listed. We'll be able to do the instant open house and the just listed cards and all of the listing multiplier things. We'll really document everything that we're doing there and then we'll do another follow-up episode about that. Then the getting referrals, the World's Most Interesting Postcards, you've got that up. Do you think you're still less than 100 people right now that you're mailing that to, right?

Diane: I am.

Dean: We just need to think that through. It's like just adding on those people. We ultimately want to get that-

Diane: Just an execution, yes.

Dean: You just want to get that up to 100 and then on its way to 150. But you're way ahead of the game on that. You've already gotten two listings.

Diane: Yes.

Dean: How many times have you mailed?

Diane: Three times.

Dean: Three times. The third one just went out.

Diane: When you put it that way, yeah. Why would you not want to have 150?

Dean: I don't understand it myself.

Diane: Right? I know. Okay.

Dean: Okay. That'll be a big help. Then have you done your Google Map layer for those people yet?

Diane: I have not done it for the World's Most Interesting Postcard. I have for our campaigns but not... I said I haven't Dean but I do a lot with the map so I'm pretty sure I haven't done that.

Dean: Okay. This, now just so everybody listening knows what we're talking about, you can take your data from your top 150. You can then link it to a Google Map, a private Google Map, where now you can look at your database. You look at your relationships and you can see where people live. It'll drop a pin on the map where your clients are so that we can start now orchestrating referral opportunities. Because right now you've been getting the passive opportunities.

Diane: Right.

Dean: We've been sending out the postcard and people will tell you about their neighbor or their neighbor will call you or the direct people will call you.

Diane: Right.

Dean: Now we've got the opportunity to do some market making, especially since we're working on Finding Buyers now as well. This is an interesting thing. We go through the elements in order here. The World's Most Interesting Postcard is part of the getting referrals element, then the next is converting leads. We've started now with the, on the buyer side doing our market watch emails that will go out every week with updates of all of the new listings that have come on the market.

We're going to do a couple of different categories because we've started some Finding Buyers campaigns for the communities where we are. We're testing right now with Lake Ashton. I think that we have, let me see if I can see what the numbers are on there. I think we're up to six or seven. Yeah, we've got six so far, six buyer leads for Lake Ashton.

The way we're doing that is all Facebook. We're micro-targeting people who are visiting Lake Ashton but don't live there. We've got two different audiences. We're running the Getting Listings ads for the people who live in Lake Ashton and we're running the Lake Ashton report because it's the same kind of information but with a buyer slant. We're saying if you're curious about what Lake Ashton homes may be worth, here's an easy way to find out what homes are selling for in today's market. Offering that guide for people to download as buyers is a really valuable thing that now we're going to, we've got six people so far. We've only been doing that for two days now I guess, we started that. Two days and we've gotten six leads so far for $4.39.

Diane: Wow.

Dean: Yeah. That's a pretty good price. Now when we look at it that the opportunity that we have now is that each week we can send out to those people the updates of what's happened in Lake Ashton. "Here's all the new listings," and start offering those people a daily tour of homes where we say, "Whenever you're ready here's how we can help you. We do daily tours of Lake Ashton homes at 10:00 and 1:00." People can join us for that.

Now where that really becomes valuable to us is we, as soon as somebody is going to start looking at homes, now we're able to look at the map of the seller leads that we have. We've got 95 people in Lake Ashton that are in that, that have already responded. If you've got the right price range, if somebody's looking in a specific price range or a specific neighborhood of Lake Ashton, to be able to send an email to all of those people and say individually, "Hey Diane, I'm showing houses this weekend in Lake Ashton to a couple from Pennsylvania. They're looking for this. I remember looking up your house online when I sent you the Lake Ashton report. I'm not sure what your plans are but I thought I'd check in and see if I could tell them about your house. We may be able to-"

Diane: What a win-win.

Dean: "It seems like it may be a perfect match."

Diane: Yes. What a win-win.

Dean: Yes. If they're thinking about selling and they're just about to get ready to do it, now they've got an opportunity that they may be able to sell it without even putting it on the market, that's really going to light a fire under people. That they may be able to say, "Oh yeah, that would be great." Or they'll say, "Oh, thank you for thinking of us. We're not going to be selling until the summer," or, "We're not going to be ready until the fall," or whatever.

Diane: But they will call.

Dean: But whatever they respond it's just that you have made an impression on them that you are someone who's active in the community. If that happens three or four times over the course of the next year, that whenever it does come time for them to sell, it would only make sense that they give you a call first because you seem to have all the buyers.

Diane: Yes.

Dean: That's really the advantage that we have here. It's so much better that every time you connect with them it's because you've got money for them, because you've got a buyer. You're not trying to get them to list their house. You're trying to get them a buyer. You're already working for them. That's really the difference. Rather than calling people up and saying, "Hey, just checking in. Are you getting the newsletters? Are you enjoying them? Is there anything I can help you with?" Where there's no reason to be calling them other than you're checking in to see if they're ready to list yet.

Diane: Right.

Dean: That's not the position that we want. We want to put you in the position that you're the only phone call that makes sense.

Diane: Right, right.

Dean: You're the one that's doing that. As we go forward now including in the Get Top Dollar newsletter sending out the Helping People on the Move inserts that show the people that you're helping buy homes in Lake Ashton, welcoming the new neighbors into the neighborhood and being that connector like that. Now, I know what you're working on today is getting this guide to Lake Ashton together with pictures and the amenities and all that kind of stuff. That's going to be a really great tool.

Diane: Yes. I'm excited about that. You know Dean, you said something. You didn't say it in this way but it's how I perceived it. Whenever the client opts in, whenever they opt in for the Getting Listings postcard and you're sending them material, the mindset that I have is I'm their realtor.

Dean: Yes. That's it.

Diane: I think that's the positive energy to have is I'm their realtor and I'm sending them their information every month. At that time it is my job to bring them the buyer because ultimately that's where we're going to be.

Dean: Yup. That's the thing is the bottom line is you're acting as their realtor, but you're doing it in a way that it doesn't matter to you. You're not dependent on them listing their house in order for you to start finding buyers. You've already got the buyers. We've got this system now where you're finding the people. You're really going to get to be known around there as that. Especially-

Diane: That's the best way to sell a house.

Dean: That's exactly right.

Diane: Bring the buyer.

Dean: Yeah.

Diane: Right.

Dean: I mean if you start to think about that, that everybody starts, if they're friends with somebody and they're talking about selling and you've made that impression on everybody who's getting your Get Top Dollar newsletter, that they're going to start talking about you as well. There are so many good things that are going to come from this.

Diane: It's really great. Mm-hmm.

Dean: I'm super excited to watch it all unfold. Then we'll get with the new home people in there too, to start being able to advertise looking for that. Now another thing that we might want to look at in the Finding Buyers categories, we're doing that certainly for Lake Ashton. We can do the same thing for Cypress Wood. But what we've also started doing is doing the USDA Zero Down program. That has been an opportunity for us to do some buyer gathering as well. We've got, how many do we have? 55 leads so far from-

Diane: Yes, total. The new ones from the last ad was 28, yeah.

Dean: 28 in the last ad running, yeah. Okay. That's pretty exciting too. Now the way that this triangulation will work is we've got all of these, we've got these buyers looking for, we're introducing the Zero Down opportunity to them. Then each week we'll send them the updates on all the USDA eligible homes that come on the market.

I met with Stewart this morning at Starbucks. He was telling me we found that there was something like 77 new ones this week. Is that right?

Diane: Yes. Yes.

Dean: Yeah.

Diane: We have all that together, mm-hmm. It goes out today.

Dean: Right. That way now all of that opportunity goes out there. We've got all of these little oil wells that are just starting to pump and to recur so that they're running in the background at all times and-

Diane: Well we have one that's being approved as we speak. I don't know if I shared that with you.

Dean: No. I was going to ask you is what's been happening because we're partnered with a lender who's doing the stuff. Tell me what's been happening there, yeah.

Diane: Yeah. Pretty much like you, the mindsets different. The way that our programs work is we compel not convince. We just kind of put it out there and then the client comes to us. One raised their hand and is interested in knowing more about the USDA No Money Down. That's very attractive. First thing that I do is send them over to Michelle and Michelle begins the process. Where we are with this particular client is just gathering the information. Michelle's on my list to touch base with her today because she was still trying to gather some documents for that. It's really that easy.

Dean: Cool. Well that's great. I mean so the guy who owns her branch or runs her branch is coming to the GoGo Academy actually this weekend so.

Diane: I saw that. Mm-hmm.

Dean: You get to meet Jim. Yeah. Very cool. That's exciting. That's how it all happens now. That's a system here. Then eventually as we go here we'll do the same thing with lakefront homes. We can do the same thing with condos. We can do 55 plus adult communities. We're just going to start taking this CAT scan perspective over all of our area there and really just start layering one on top of the other, one on top of the other, knowing that you can only do one thing at a time. But doing things that are going to have some longevity around them.

You're doing all those things that, the fun transition of course is going to be getting the GoGo girl a GoGo girl to have so that you're ultimately the Diane Lightsey, the realtor is now having all the stuff done. Because you're actually, as the realtor you're getting a firsthand experience of what it's like for our realtors that we provide this exact service for, so that all they have to do is sit back and wait for people to call them. It's kind of exciting.

Diane: Yes, and you don't have to, one thing as a realtor and as a GoGo girl one thing that, an observation is when you hear us talking about, especially if we have brand new agents listening, it may sound like a lot of work but it isn't when you have the easy button available to you but you don't have to reinvent anything. You just follow the program. That is it.

Dean: I like that.

Diane: It's just a little bit more time in the beginning but time is money.

Dean: That's exactly right. There's the thing, when you start to, I'm interested to see as we have our Academy coming up that one of the things that we'll often, that we'll talk about of course is the lifestyle elements of daily joy and abundant time and financial peace. Knowing that they all work together, that trifecta there of each one of them are the knobs and dials that move together to create a perfect life, the exact balance of everything that you like. But you could see how it all fits together. If you were just the realtor right now, all of the stuff that's happening on your behalf is nothing, there's not much requirement of your time. You would have an abundance of time if all of the stuff was being done for you. It wouldn't be, because all you would do as the realtor is go in and do the-

Diane: Search.

Dean: Yeah, do that.

Diane: I was saying to you yesterday I need an easy button.

Dean: Yeah, well there we go. That's exactly it.

Diane: That's what I said to you yesterday. From a realtor's perspective, that is a piece of cake. There is no excuses if the easy button is available, yes.

Dean: I love it. That's good. That gives you-

Diane: I felt very strong about that.

Dean: But that's kind of a great thing. Isn't it nice when you come in, like just for your sense of daily joy, that it's fun when you're coming in and you get an email of, "Can you come over and see us about listing our house?"

Diane: Oh my gosh.

Dean: Or you get an email saying, "Hey, these people are approved and ready to start going to look at homes." Or, "We've gotten-

Diane: That's excitement, yeah.

Dean: "18 new leads in the last 24 hours." That's all exciting rather then, I mean the thing that really I always think about is what it used to take to generate 18 leads. I think about if I could have exchanged $20 for 18 leads at any time. I mean when I started out I would make cold calls, just like a lot of people do that same thing. I would make 100 cold calls a day. It might take, you wouldn't get 18 really good leads in a week of cold calling with 100 people.

Diane: Right, right.

Dean: It's that same kind of thing. That was really, I mean I remember I talked about it in our Six Months to Six Figures series, the first time that I discovered that I could put words on a postcard and get people to respond to me instead of me going out and chasing them down. I remember that so distinctly because it was the last cold call that I ever made. It was the last day. Just I've never looked back. Everything I've done has been all around, "What would I do if my phone only accepts incoming calls?"

Diane: Yeah.

Dean: Yeah. It's just so we see it-

Diane: Well the objections are different-

Dean: All the time, right? Yeah, I mean we see it all the time.

Diane: Yeah, the objections are different. If I'm cold calling and I'm making those calls I've already got a little bit of a defensive mechanism here and it just, the objections are different. But when they're calling me I don't know that there's any objections. It's so effortless. It feels good.

Dean: Let me ask you this.

Diane: Yes.

Dean: You're on the front line. Let's switch hats as your GoGo girl here every time I say that I should preface it with saying that you're the one who came up with the word "GoGo girl".

Diane: I was thinking the same thing.

Dean: It sounds like, I would say that I don't want to, like hashtag me too, that everybody's thinking I'm like being sexist or anything like that. You came up with the word yourself.

Diane: I was thinking the same thing. Yeah, I came up with that.

Dean: Okay, good. I just want to make sure everybody knows that.

Diane: Yeah. Wow. We read each other's mind.

Dean: But it's cute. Anyway, here you are in that function of talking with real estate agents that are new to all of this, people who are just coming into GoGo agent and they call you or have some interaction with you about Getting Listings for instance as the thing. What's the conversation like? I know that sometimes people may be thinking, "Is this really too good to be true?" kind of thing. "Will this work for high-end homes? Does this work in my area?" You know what I mean? What kind of thinking-

Diane: "I'm a top producer. Will this work for me?"

Dean: Yeah, right.

Diane: "I'm doing millions of dollars. I have a big team." I'm like, "Great, the more the better for you." We just have a little conversation. With me also being a realtor we have that little conversation to let them know that I am here to help them and to guide them. It just takes a little bit of just understanding. There's only seven steps to this program. It seems, when you look at Tony's graph and every time you think of success you think there's going to be 25 different steps. But once we have that conversation and we really break it down on the simplicity of it and get that feeling of that you're compelling versus convincing someone, that feels good. It changes everything for them.

Then when they see with the easy button that I am able to take a lot of that out of their hands it's just feeling overwhelmed. Usually that happens when there's not a program in place. But yeah, I mean that's kind of the conversation. "Will this really work? When's it going to happen?" We got to just kind of talk about it. But yeah, I love the starting and then the first and second month. It's just how the conversations change.

Dean: Yeah. Yeah because the first time then, that's really, is that the progression that people take the courage to take the first step, do their first mailing, and then they get responses? What are those conversations that are like, "Wow, I actually got-"

Diane: "Oh you're right. This is so easy."

Dean: "People actually called. I can't believe this."

Diane: "I'm so excited. I got my first listing. I got my first call. What do I do now?"

Dean: Yeah.

Diane: "Just relax. Just sit back. They'll come to you. The fish will jump in the boat."

Dean: That's so funny.

Diane: "Just keep the boat going."

Dean: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's so funny. I see it in the forum too, that people share this. The whole, "Yeah, I got my first listing. They called up." Because sometimes it happens quickly for people that they say, "Hey, I got your package. Looks like you're the one for this area. Come on over and list our house."

Diane: They usually have the postcard sitting there. They're holding it and yeah. It's exciting Dean, and I think a lot of it is just the overwhelming idea that there's so much paperwork and there's not.

Dean: Yeah. Right.

Diane: It's not. Yeah.

Dean: I love it.

Diane: Yeah, me too.

Dean: So great. All right, is there anything else that I should have asked as far as updates or anything else you wanted to share so far?

Diane: No, there's a lot going on. A lot meaning that there's a lot of great productivity happening. There's a difference between being productive and busy. That's one thing that I have, as a realtor that I can say. Everything is located in GoGo. You don't have to buy the World's Most Interesting Postcard. You don't have to subscribe to Getting Listings. Everything is right there in the blog. For me, I like that. I like knowing that I can go to one place. I like knowing that I can put it all together and just follow the program. I like that.

Dean: Perfect. All right. Well, I love to hear these updates. Next time we'll monitor everything that we're doing with the listing multipliers with the new listing in Ruby Lake and then the one, the other one that the gentleman has too. Awesome. Well thanks for sharing and I'll see you tomorrow.

Diane: Okay. Bye Dean.

Dean: Bye. There we have it, another great episode. If you'd like to continue the conversation you can go to ListingAgentLifestyle.com. You can download a copy of the Listing Agent Lifestyle book, the manifesto that shares everything that we're talking about here. You can be a guest on the show if you'd like to talk about how we can build a Listing Agent Lifestyle plan for your business. Just click on the Be A Guest link at ListingAgentLifestyle.com.

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