Ep075: Jeff Jones

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Jeff Jones from DeSoto county, Mississippi, just outside of Memphis.

I first had a conversation with Jeff on one of our GoGoAgent coaching calls, and I love the kind of market that he is in. He’s outside of a city, the whole county is about 180,000 people and four communities, and the main one is an area called South Haven. It’s almost 60,000 people and that's where Jeff lives.

We went through the Listing Agent Lifestyle elements and talked about Getting Listings, which he’s been doing now for a few months. He has all of the foundations laid, and he’s getting leads, with over a hundred people responding to both his postcards and Facebook ads.

So he has a really great foundation, and we talked about now, taking the geography, taking the area he has, and looking at it, dissecting it into the specific target audiences that we can set up what I call market maker triangles, a system for finding people who are looking for 55 plus communities or lakefront communities or golf course communities.

You're really going to enjoy the conversation as it unfolds.

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Transcript: Listing Agent Lifestyle Ep075