Ep055: Diane Lightsey

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Diane Lightsey and this is a fun call because Diane works with me on our GoGo Agent team. She’s also a realtor and we've had her activate her license so we have a living laboratory to experiment, test, and document all of the programs that we talk about in GoGoAgent.com. 

We been doing this for four months and this episode, where we’re picking it up, is  right where we left off with the six months to six figures progress with LJ Lewis. We're at exactly the same point and Diane has just got her first few listings. Things are starting to gain momentum.

We talked through some of the execution of the programs so far, and some of the plans for multiplying her listings and starting to find buyers. 

This episode is perfect timing for you, if you're getting your plans together for the New Year and starting to think about how are you going to take off in 2019.

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Transcript: Listing Agent Lifestyle Ep055

Dean: Diane Lightsey.

Diane:  Dean Jackson.

Dean: Wow, how exciting is this?

Diane:  Well, my first question is, is this audio or Skype? Because I'm wearing your headset sitting in your thinking chair.

Dean: Oh my goodness. Yeah, this is audio. Okay, so there we go.

Diane:  Okay. This is exciting.

Dean: Okay, so you're at the office. You're up in my office.

Diane:  I'm in your office.

Dean: Sitting in my chair.

Diane:  Yes.

Dean: Where I think of all these thoughts. Okay. But I'm at home in my other comfy thinking chair, just like that one with you. So, let me kind of set the stage for people. Because this is going to be you jumping in here. I think this is the perfect time to have you on here because… What's all this heavy breathing? You're going to have to move this thing down to your chin.

Diane:  How's that?

Dean: There we go.

Diane:  Sorry.

Dean: That's better. This is perfect timing because we wrapped up the podcast that we had with LJ Lewis where we were doing the Six Months to Six Figures. And we got as far as we got with LJ, and then unfortunately LJ had to go back into his family's business. He has a family health thing. And so life happens. And he had to do that. And now, where we're picking up with you is essentially when did we start doing the Getting Listings program here? Was it August?

Diane:  Yes, August 15th to be exact.

Dean: Okay. So August 15th. We're now in December, and so September, October, November, December, so four months into the same kind of track that we were on with LJ. So it's a perfect time to kind of pick up here and maybe talk about what's going on. I should probably tell people, too, some of you may recognize Diane as our GoGo Girl, as we affectionately call her in the office. So Diane works with me on the GoGoAgent Team. And she is the friendly voice that you will talk to if you need some help with all of our GoGoAgent problems, or programs. Problems. Our GoGoAgent Programs.

Diane:  Everything's smooth.

Dean: Everything's smooth. There's no problems. And so this is why it's so, you know, important that we have now this kind of live lab that we can play with, right here in my office, is because so we can see right through all of your excuses or execution excuses that you're trying to share with us that we can point to and say, "Well, this is exactly how it works, because we're running it right here in our office right now." And so that's the best kind of thing. The great news is that I love this idea of being able to execute all of our programs exactly the way that we outline to do them. And be able to point to people right to the results that are happening.

But why don't you share a little bit about your background, you know, and our history a little bit? Because I think that's important that you're not kind of brand new coming into real estate?

Diane:  Okay. So I first met you, Dean, in 2006. So I was probably a realtor six months new. And I was part of your Money Making website. And I'll have to tell you that I did not follow it just the way like you say. You gave a clear map and path of what to do, and I didn't do it that way. Which I'll shift a little bit, with being on the GoGoAgent part, I see all of these elements that you are talking about. How things are laid out and we just don't follow them. So I did that, but, with doing it halfway, I was still extremely successful with the website. And I did that, that was really my main source of leads and money. I did that for about probably eight years.

And then life kind of got in the way and I took a different turn with my personal life. And I stepped back from real estate and just started focusing on myself and my kids. And then I ran into you Christmas 2014 at Starbucks. And we just kind of caught up a little bit and we talked at the time, you were talking about the Six Months to Six Figures idea. And then one thing led to another and then I came aboard with you. But during my path, I left real estate again from selling and became their team leader/what some companies call broker. So I ran Keller Williams, a particular office, and built that office and was recruiting. So I've got a lot of background.

But I tell you know, even with being on the side of the GoGoAgent side and learning your program inside and out, coming back on in July felt new. Getting listings really just, It just makes it so much easier transitioning back into the leads and doing what I need to do to put myself back in there. Especially with The World's Most Interesting Postcard.

Dean: Yes, I love that. And that's kind of the, you know, because we were having this conversation in our office the last few years we've been thinking about like, "Should I reactivate my real estate license and build a team here and do this right there?"  And in that conversation came up that maybe it would be easy to have Diane activate and do it there? So that's the path that we chose. And I'm excited that we've got everything underway, because you're doing now exactly the things that I would do if I were you coming right back into getting started there.

And it's no different. I mean, when we talk about laying out The Listing Agent Lifestyle Plan that is really about building a listing-centric business that is marketing driven and not prospecting and all the things that we don't like about real estate, it's a lifestyle type of approach using all the technology and all the things that are available to us. Including human automation, and that's a big part of it, right?

Diane:  You know what, Dean? And I have to say, like, I want to jump in real quick, if that's okay?

Dean: Mm-hmm.

Diane:  One part that I see on both sides and for myself, because this program I'll talk about getting listings, is like you said you are very good about doing the field reports. And we can see Tony Kalsi's results. But I'll tell you even as being a realtor, and you have told me this, there just seems to be The Listing Agent Lifestyle is over time, its longevity. It's setting it and forgetting it kind of attitude. And I still find that each month I'm like, "Okay, well, I've got all these leads and this should be happening." But really, now, you told me it's going to take a few months. And now we are beginning to see what's happening. And there's really nothing that I have to do. Nothing extra.

Dean: Right. That's the thing.

Diane:  Nothing extra. Yeah.

Dean: Yeah, there's nothing to jumpstart. It's almost like I use these analogies like, you know, oil wells, you know? Where you're pumping and pumping and pumping, and then suddenly when the oil starts pumping, it's just going to continue pumping again and again. But you gotta prime the pump. And I use another analogy of like you're planting an orange grove, you know? And you plant the seeds and it grows and grows. And then once it's established, it's going to continue to yield fruit every month as long as you continue on.

So But it just takes that little bit of ramping up. And now we're starting to see the things turning on, that people are calling you. You've got your first listing now. Is it on the market?

Diane:  Mm-hmm.

Dean: Right now ready to go? Or is it actually…

Diane:  Monday morning.

Dean: Monday morning.

Diane:  Photos will be Sunday. Yeah.

Dean: Okay. So perfect timing. But let's talk about the specific things that we're doing because this is kind of the plan that we're laying out here. And did we start with you? The first thing was with getting listings? Because that's the foundation if you're going to have a listing-centric business. We chose three areas, right? We chose like Ashton, which is an adult community, golf course. You know, really nice newer community over the last 20 years I guess. It's still developing now. And that has just about a thousand homes. 900 and something I think in there. Cypresswood, which is another golf course community, gated community. A little smaller, 800 and something homes in there I think. And then Ruby Lake. How many homes are in Ruby Lake?

Diane:  185.

Dean: 185. So a smaller community in there. You know, all textbook from what we talk about, right? Choosing an area that is, you know, a named community or a distinct kind of area within wherever you are. And whatever size, it doesn't matter. Whatever you can afford, I guess in terms of for people playing along at home to be able to do this. That's one of the things that you have to be prepared for is to be able to make a capital investment in mailing the postcards. The more postcards you mail, the more money it takes to keep that going. So you gotta have a little bit of staying power there.

But what's happened so far in the terms of the number of leads that we've generated over the four months so far? And postcards are just hitting now for December.

Diane:  Yes. Yeah, today, Wednesday. Yeah. So you want me to tell you the number over the phone?

Dean: Yeah. Yeah.

Diane:  Okay. So I have it all broken down, but total for Lake Ashton And this would be like fresh, so just a couple including for this month, would be a total of 78 leads. And I can break those down. So from the actual Getting Listings campaign, 49.

Dean: So 49.

Diane:  On Facebook?

Dean: From the postcards.

Diane:  Yep. Facebook, which we've only been doing for a couple of months, was 17. And that's only a couple of days. And then the phone, from the voice touch number, has been 12 for Lake Ashton.

Dean: Okay, so that would come from the postcards, too, because we give people the option of calling the phone number or leaving their information. So 78 leads altogether. 49 from the website. And 17 from Facebook. And 12 from them calling from the postcards for the free recorded message. Okay?

Diane:  Yes. And in Cypresswood, we have a total of 33 leads. Web, we generated 21. Facebook, we've generated eight. And the telephone has been three.

Dean: So a little bit less activity in Cypresswood. But it's a little bit older.

Diane:  There are about 300 left, cards we send, too.

Dean: Yeah. So it's a little bit less, ah, A little older. More established than Lake Ashton. And then what about Ruby Lake? So Ruby Lake has 185 you said?

Diane:  Yeah. So with Ruby Lake I've had five. And they've all been web. So Ruby Lake we've not experienced with Facebook. I would like to do that. I think that would be great. And, you know, one of the things with Ruby Lake.  Because I know that you talk about the he more cards you send, the greater the chance you'll have for leads. And I chose this because it was actually an area that I kind of started my business around and I'm comfortable and stuff like that. Yeah. But it's been good.

Dean: Perfect. And then it turns out, Ruby Lake is actually where you've got your first listing here-

Diane:  Yeah.

Dean: Coming up.

Diane:  It only took two mailings to pick that up. It's just been a little bit of time to prepare things and get it ready.

Dean: That's awesome. And so how much is that listing going to be again?

Diane:  355.

Dean: Okay. 355,000.

Diane:  And it will sell in 30 days.

Dean: I like how you're optimistic about that. And when it does sell in, or when it does sell in 30 days, how much money will that be for just the listing side for you?

Diane:  18,000. Or just the listing side would be 9,000.

Dean: Okay, perfect. Okay. And so when we look at this right now, this is how we kind of look at for people kind of evaluating their ROI on things, you know?

Diane:  Mm-hmm.

Dean: And so when we look at overall here, do you have the numbers on how much we've spent on the postcards so far?

Diane:  I do.

Dean: You do? Okay.

Diane:  I do. So with Ruby Lake it's $100.43 a month. But I do have the numbers here. You ready for them?

Dean: Yep.

Diane:  Okay. So for Cypresswood, this will be from August until November. Let's see here. I don't know if I have it total accumulated. I have it has to be $1772.

Dean: That's how much we have so far in the four months?

Diane:  In Cypresswood. Mm-hmm. Lake Ashton is $2,527. And I have Facebook totals as well.

Dean: Oh, good. Give me those, too.

Diane:  So with the Facebook, it looks like, let me see if I have it broken down monthly. So we started Facebook in September, October, and November. And I have this totaled $117. Does that sound right?

Dean: Yeah. Because we only do it about you know, about…

Diane:  Interesting.

Dean: 20 or 30, okay. And then for Cypresswood. Or is that all?

Diane:  That's total.

Dean: Oh, okay. Total on all of it $117. Yeah, because we only spend, and the thing that we do, and this is an interesting thing for everybody to hear as an innovation that we've done. Is we do a wonderful video where in front of the gates of the community, Diane goes out and records a video of Diane like she's reporting live from Cypresswood.

Diane:  It's so much fun.

Dean: December 2018 report on Cypresswood house prices. And she tells a little bit about what's happening in the neighborhood. She's showing the postcards saying, "By now you've seen this postcard arrive in your mailbox. Or you've seen this sign come through your news feed. And offering this report, holding up the envelope with the report of what you can actually get. And that has been an amplifier for us. I think what's happened is that people are seeing the postcard arrive, but maybe they get their mail and they're walking in the door and the dog is barking. It needs to be fed. And the groceries are in their hands and the mail, and they put it all on the counter. And they go about getting dinner and everything ready. And then the kids are in bed and they sit down. And they're watching CSI and a commercial comes on.

And we all know what that's the universal signal to do. Which is to immediately to stop watching the television and pick up your phone and start scrolling through your social media. That's what we do during commercials now, right? And so when that happens, then people see this video because we're only targeting through some very clever and tricky. Tricky not in deceptive, tricky in logistically targeting just Cypresswood and just the small neighborhood. So that people will see that, they'll recognize it immediately that that's my place right there. And Diane looks like a news reporter out there.  You know, she's standing out there and in her best news reporter voice is doing the reporting live from Cypresswood.

So it's easy for people to then just click that "learn more". And since we're using lead ads on Facebook, their information is already filled out in the form and all they have to do is press "send" and we get that. So that makes-

Diane:  And you know, Dean, also-

Dean: Easy for people.

Diane:  Also, you may feel like the video may not be contributing too much, but it does. Because we've had-

Dean: Oh, absolutely.

Diane:  We've had one incident where I was recognized. But even this past month when Stewart and I went out to do my video, the guard says, "Oh, has it already been a month?" You know, so now-

Dean: Ah, see?

Diane:  Now they recognize me. They don't even need my business card anymore.

Dean: Right. That's great. Yeah. Tell the story about when you went into Lake Ashton, because that's pretty funny, actually, just considering that you were in Lake Ashton and the guy lived in the other community. So do tell that story.

Diane:  Right. So Lake Ashton had invited me to come out. This is new home sales, they have two divisions. New homes, the general manager invited me to come out to see the new model homes. So I wanted them to recognize me because I'm sure they've heard of me. So I go out, he's giving me a tour before the model homes. I want him to show me around because there's, you know, golf courses. There are places to eat. There's a theater. They have their own bank. And I want to be the expert. And so he took the time to do that.

We get on the golf card and he kept looking at me. He said, "Have we met before?" And the first thing that came to my mind is my last name, with being Lightsey, is very well known in Polk County. So we joked about that. He goes, "Oh, you're the girl in the video. I live in Cypresswood and we laughed about that." So he recognized me and he thought it was a great idea. But he, yeah, he recognized me. He goes, "I receive your postcard every month." But, you know, I want to share something else, too, real quick. Is I had a lady call me last night from Lake Ashton.

And this reminds me, and I won't get into this story but the Chester story with the fish jumping in the boat with Kenny. It's only been a few months for me, but I sent out her monthly report. And this past month, I transposed the numbers, or anyway, I'm guessing she didn't get her report. She called me out on it. She called me and asked for her report. So I don't know how she didn't get it, but she got it today. But she wanted to make sure that I was going to send her copy of the report.

Dean: Yes, I love it. Yeah. So there's this is part of the thing that we're definitely making an impression, right? That you're definitely, I mean, two things. Their condition that they know that this postcard is arriving every month. They know that they've got that kind of dialed in. Because as soon as it happens three times, now it's pattern that they can recognize. And so they start to now, "Oh yeah, I'm familiar with this. Oh yeah." And now they know that whenever they're ready, that this is going to be there for them to instantly have access to what's going on.

But then, in addition, all the exposures that we're getting with the video that we're showing that you know, we're showing that to everybody who lives in those communities. And, of course, you know, I look at it that the way that we do it, the strategy that we have for that is to treat it like a postcard drop. We're not running the ad continuously. We're running it for 24 hours. And spending $20 to reach everybody kind of in the community. As we get to where everybody who lives in there will see it once or, you know, we get often 1.3 or so times that people will see it.

And so you don't need to, there's a diminishing return. Most of the response that we get always comes in that first 24 hours. So we do that just to get that impression. And I think that's what has bumped even the response to the actual postcards.

Diane:  Well, and the video we just posted a day or so ago. And I was looking this morning and Cypresswood video has over 300 views. So it's being seen. That you said something that just kind of struck a chord in me is exposure. Because as a realtor and as the GoGo face, GoGoAgent spokesperson face, it's challenging as a realtor to say, "Okay, I'm just going to put this out, let it be, and just kind of step back and let it happen." But as the months pass, I know, I can see it. That it's about exposure. It will happen.

Dean: Yes. And now, you've had how many other people have you had call you that maybe you've gone out to see or you've talked to so far that are maybe not yet put their house on the market, but they're going to be? Or you've at least established a relationship with them?

Diane:  Right. So three in Lake Ashton. The very first one. And, you know, we have to do this. Not every single person is a five-star client immediately. And that's, you know, and that's what you teach that as well. So the very first one lost her husband. There's some transitioning there. But the seed is planted and it's going to happen as well. The second one was, you know, I don't know. Maybe he thought it was more of a "Come give me an evaluation", but I treated it as a listing appointment. Even though I think I talked to you and said, "I know they're not ready. But they will be and they will think of me because I did take the time."

And then the next one, the next one was a legit, real listing. And it is listed on the market. And I was in the top running for that listing. However, they decided to go with Lake Ashton Resales. And I get it. It's just what they felt comfortable with having Lake Ashton sell their home.  And that's encouraging to me to go out and build those relationships, too. It's the time and effort I've gotta put in. Yes.

Dean: Right, right. You know, and there's the thing. When you're dealing with an in-house company like that, that there's an in-house real estate department there that a lot of people just naturally list their house with them, that's okay, you know? The thing that we've got now is our next phase of this is to now start looking for the buyers for Lake Ashton, right? We've got on autopilot. We have the listing side on autopilot right now. We just continue to do what we do. You've got 78 people in Lake Ashton who have raised their hand. And every month, they're getting a Get Top Dollar newsletter. They're getting the cover letter. They're getting an update on all the activity. And we'll be able to put other inserts in there when you get other listings to share with them about. Testimonials. All of those kinds of things that we're doing to bond with those people. And then whenever they're ready, they'll be able to call you. Because that's how we end. Every letter includes a "Whenever you're ready, here's how we can help you." So that's going to continue on.

Now, the very best thing. And we'll talk about it when we start talking about finding buyers. Is that you have the relationship with the new homes division. And that they will not only allow you to advertise properties, but they will also pay you a commission for just introducing people to them. So all you need to do is like register this buyer with them and if they buy then you get a commission. And that's a wonderful thing. So we're going to go out now and start finding buyers for Lake Ashton. And we're going to do the same thing for Cypresswood. But I wanted you to get established in doing the baseline things here with the listings.

Now, since you didn't when you started have any listings, then we skipped the listing multipliers. We talked about multiplying your listings is the second element of The Listing Agent Lifestyle. And we went right to getting referrals. And so since you have a long, you know you've lived in the area for a long time. You've got a lot of friends and so probably a lot of clients. You're still the incumbent realtor. They're living in the house that you helped them get. And so we, you know, put together your top 150-ish. How many are we up to now?

Diane:  I'm up to a hundred. My goal every month is to add 20. So I'm adding 20. But it is the easiest thing to do. And I'll let you lead into what's next, because it works.

Dean: Good. So we got you to get a hundred. And whenever, I always encourage people, whenever you have, first of all, what we're looking for is to now establish a baseline for you to get referrals and repeat business from or direct business from the people who know you, like you, and trust you already. So that could be friends, family, past clients, neighbors, co-workers. Anybody that you know.

Diane:  Don't overthink it. Right.

Dean: Live with. Right. Just anybody that you would recognize by name if you saw them at the grocery store. There's a good chance that they will be your best referral opportunities. Because they already know you, right? We just need to presence that in their minds. So we get that together. We get your list all set up in GoGoAgent. And then we have every month we do The World's Most Interesting Postcard. Very easy to execute.

Diane:  10 minutes.

Dean:  When did you send your first one? September?

Diane:  Yes. September, October. We're on our second month. This will be our third month, December. Yes.

Dean: Okay. And so now, what's happened so far since you've been sending that?

Diane:  Well, I can tell you one thing. I guess the awareness because you say it all the time is, people love to refer you. It just makes them feel so good. And I got to see this up close and personal with my own card. Within the first card that went out, I received a message through Facebook. So this person, I know his family. But we're friends on Facebook. I've never met him face to face, but you know how Facebook makes you feel like you're family. I went to school with his sister, so my name has always been out there. He referred his neighbor, and I listed their home Saturday, $170,000. And I know it's going to sell fast, too.

But I'm so super excited. I'm actually going back tomorrow to put out the InfoBox and the Instant Open House. And I'm really excited to do that and to start the listing multiplier. Because this is what I do every day with our clients and I was just excited about it. Yeah.

Dean: Yeah. So that's pretty exciting. So we've spent how much have we spent on that so far now?

Diane:  Oh, goodness. I believe it's a hundred dollars a mailing. I didn't write that down. Yeah.

Dean: No, it's less than that. But let's call it a hundred. So-

Diane:  No, it was $60. $63 to be exact, I believe.

Dean: Okay.

Diane:  That sounds more, yeah.

Dean: A hundred you know, let's call it $150 that we've got in so far. And you've gotten one listing from that. And, you know, when we look at it, I try and convey to people just how simple it is to just set it and forget it to get referrals and repeat business. I mean, I spend so much time trying to really dig down and make things as both effective and easy for people. Like the easiest possible thing.

It's so much easier to send The World's Most Interesting Postcard than to send a newsletter. It's so much more effective than that, you know? Because the real thing that we're trying to do with communicating with our after unit, all the people that know us, like us, and trust us, is we want to stay in front of them, right? So that they know-

Diane:  Yes.

Dean: Exactly how to connect with you whenever they need to. Because you look at even the NAR studies that say they poll people who at closing say they had a great experience with their real estate agent, and 78% of them or 80-plus percent of them say they would definitely use the same realtor for another transaction. But then, at the same time, only 23% of them actually do. So there's a disconnect there. And part of that is because they lose contact with people. They don't stay in touch. It's almost like they don't care or they don't feel connected to that person, right?

And so now when you're every month sending them something like The World's Most Interesting Postcard, it's very interesting. It's the most exciting that they'll get in their mailbox that day because it's visually very interesting. It's easy to consume, because you don't have to open anything or unfold anything or it's not in an envelope. You don't have to get them to open the envelope. You know, the active part of it of every month, the referral message on there, you know, encouraging them to keep their ears open for another high probability conversation. That's what makes it work so well. You know, that's what-

Diane:  And I think it makes them feel good because it's not like a campaign we're running in a specific area. It's more individualized that you thought of them. Even though this young man knows me and I know his family, I don't think he would have thought of me had he not received that card.

Dean: Yeah. And so that is like, you know, if we look at it that for people you're picking 150 people, your top 150, that would be what I would love to see you kind of ramp up to here. That that 150, you know, that might cost $1200 let's say for the whole year to send out those. And you look at this 170,000 dollar listing.

Diane:  It's 4,000.

Dean: How much money you'll get. So you'll get $4,000 from just that. And that's not even factoring in any of the listing multipliers that we talk about, you know? What if we do the InfoBox flier and the just listed cards and the Facebook and the Craigslist and we find the buyer for that house? And-

Diane:  Awesome.

Dean: We find a buyer who buys another one.  We use one of those buyers to do a mailing into the same neighborhood there to get another listing in that neighborhood.

Diane:  Well, there is a for sale by owner there. Yeah.

Dean: Perfect. So there's so many. It's starting to now look at all the opportunities that you have every time we get a listing that I'm going to be very excited with both Ruby Lake and with this one in Frostproof to see what we can do. Because we've got to establish your listing multiplier index now, right? Right now, you're a new player in the game. This is your first time on the board here. And so we need to get, you know, multiples of this. We need to start acting so that kind of the energy that I try and convey for people to bring.

Diane:  Keep fighting.

Dean: People to start acting like a for sale by owner with a deadline, you know? What would you do if you were a for sale by owner and you had to sell the house yourself? It's an interesting mindset, you know? And so there are a lot of things that go in here. And these will be good future episodes for us to do as we kind of pick up on The Six Months to Six Figures track here and document all the things that we're doing. Now, what about your listing in Park Lake? How did that come about and what's happening there?

Diane:  Well, I'm excited to report that I received a message earlier saying that there's going to be a contract on that property. But that-

Dean: Nice.

Diane:  That came about with a friend, but I just posted a video on Facebook that it might have been my Ruby Lake reporting live video, and the lady that saw that saw me at a gym and said, "I'm thinking about selling my property." And then, you know, right after that, I did a little bit more social media videos. And so, yeah, we listed it and that place didn't have an InfoBox or a sign. But anyway, so I'm confident. I haven't received the contract yet, but it's on its way.

Dean: Nice. So there we go. So that would be a nice one. These are the things, too, that when you start moving, when you start doing things, when you start getting things out there.

Diane:  The momentum just builds, yeah.

Dean: All the byproducts of it that come, right? Like even though we did that video for Ruby Lake and then you shared it on your page, in your sphere people see that you're out there and active. And, yeah, that's encouraging. So that starts that conversation. And so you get that listing. So that's wonderful. That's a good thing.

Now, you know, our next element there when we start talking about The Listing Agent Lifestyle, and it's of course is converting leads. And if I'm coaching someone who's already got an established business, then what we're looking at you know, it's picking up with is converting all of the leads that they already have. Because a lot of times if people have been in business more than 90 days they've already been generating leads. They've got buyer leads primarily that they've been focused on.

And that gives us a chance to start because I don't have a real discipline, orchestrated way to follow up with people. They either put all their weight on trying to connect with people right away, like immediately after they respond. And try to close them for an appointment. And if they don't, then they start to complain that those leads are no good. You know, I see it all the time.  You know, people sign me up for all these real estate groups, right? So I see on the inside all of these comments of people, you know, talking about Zillow or realtor.com or insert lead seller here. Whatever it is. There are always people who say, "Well, Zillow leads are garbage. I tried it for three months and I didn't get anything." Right?

So, it's really interesting to think that that's their idea of trying for a long time, right? That they tried to get people, but they don't treat the leads like an asset. And so I try and get people to really revere it and think about it as a valuable portfolio. You know, that if you've got a hundred leads, if you generated a hundred or leads we have now total over a hundred seller leads combined between Lake Ashton and Ruby Lake and Cypresswood. But that is an asset. And the oldest of those leads is just barely 90 days, right? So when you look at it that the majority of people are going to do something longer than 90 days from now, you know, that's just the way it goes. That there are five times more people that are going to do something more than 90 days from now than there are going to do something in the next 90 days. Which I look at that timeframe, 90 days is now basically.

You know, 85% of the people are going to do something later. And so our idea is to really reconnect with all the leads that you've had in the past by sending a nine-word email to people. And just, you know, if you're listening right now and you've got leads that you've generated, right now especially, end of the year, beginning of next year is the perfect time to reach out and just ask them, "Are you still looking for a house in Winter Haven?" And that's it, right? Just those words. Just said that. "Hi, Dan. Are you still looking for a house in Winter Haven?" That would be an amazing outcome for you because what you're going to find is that everybody will respond because it feels like you're only asking them. And a lot of them are now starting, especially if you do it in January or whatever.

So that's a big opportunity. But then more importantly, the ongoing thing of starting to send a weekly flagship email that goes out. And we call that our Market Watch email, where every week you send those out. And people will pop out whenever they're ready. It's amazing, I mean, you hear it on the GoGoAgent calls we do. We do two member calls a month. I think about Matthew Greenberg as an example. He's been with us forever. He's got, you know, this big list who he sends out his Market Watch to. And he's in Beverly Hills and he was saying how he had somebody come out and buy a 10 million dollar house from a Market Watch. You know, it was a Market Watch lead from eight years ago.

Diane:  He's very thankful for that, yes.

Dean: Yeah. So-

Diane:  You proved it to me.

Dean: Perfect. And it's great. I mean, Chuck Charlton, same thing. It's the secret formula of all of the best leads.

Diane:  Are you there?

Dean: Like really gets you and continues to get you in front of people.

Diane:  Can you hear me? I lost you for a minute.

Dean: I can hear you. Yep.

Diane:  Okay. Sorry. I lost you for a minute.

Dean: Okay, no problem.

Diane:  Yeah, I can hear you. And you know what? What I'm learning is that it's also a lot to do with consistency. Like, people like to see that. As the face of GoGo, I talk about this with clients, is just be consistent. Because most realtors and I'm just saying that in general, in my experience when I was the team leader at Keller Williams is you want to give us a 90 days. And you know that's a little challenging for me, too. But it's consistency. That makes a huge difference. And that's what I like about this.

So, Dean, I have a question. Not really a question, but I wanted to add when we were talking about Park Lake. So with Park Lake, we couldn't put the sign up. And so I didn't do an Instant Open House out front of the property with InfoBox. But one thing is, you know, clients do drive around. I just wanted to add this as part of more leads that come, you know, the listing multiplier. But Lillian, and I know everyone knows Lillian, lives in Park Lake.

So she was driving home for lunch and saw a little couple driving around looking lost. And you know Lillian's going to speak. So they were looking for a condo. So she told them about my place. I showed them the place yesterday. And so they're looking to sell their condo. So that's a potential client as well. So, I mean, that really didn't come from the Instant Open House or anything like that. But still, there's always you know, even with that being said, they came and looked at what I had and it could be an opportunity to sell their property as well from that.

Dean: It's that listing multiplier mindset. Really much an advocate for building a listing-centric business. Because of all of the good things that come from it. When you can see the sign. You can you know.  You know, Lillian knew that that one was for sale. So they go in to see it. Or when you do have a traditional listing and you got a sign in the neighborhood and you can do Just Listeds. And you can have a neighborhood open house and you can do Facebook Ads. You can do an Instant Open House landing page. You can do InfoBox fliers. All of the things that you get as an opportunity because you have that listing. And you're the only one that has it.

You know, it's such an amazing thing. And so that's where I'm very excited to really document now if Monday's going to be the day, let's hit the ground running. And we'll make a little, you know, mini documentary about what goes on in Ruby Lake to show how we approach it and what we do. Because that's going to be helpful to people. But you know yourself, I mean, people like Tony Kalsi and Ron Reed and others who are focused on their listing multiplier index have gone to where their every listing is worth three or more transactions. And-

Diane:  That's a game changer when you think of it like that. Absolutely. Yeah.

Dean: Right. Because now all of a sudden, instead of the 9,000, and every realtor in the country, the moment they leave the driveway, they're getting out their iPhone and they're punching in the numbers and they've calculated, well, how much money they're going to get from that, from that one. And I know that's true because I used to do that myself, right? That's exactly-

Diane:  Sure. Yes, yes.

Dean: How we all think. When you get a new listing, it's almost like you pat yourself on the back and say, "Well, that's $9,000 that I just made", right? Now I just gotta go get it. But you start to kind of celebrate that in a way. Now, imagine if you knew that every time you got a listener, it's not worth 9,000, but it's worth 27,000 or $36,000. Because you know what's going to happen.

Diane:  Well, because you can capture the leads.

Dean: You've seen it happen.

Diane:  Right. You're putting the Instant Open House out there and sellers love the idea that they think they have their own little mini website. And I love that. But I love Instant Open House because It's not the traditional just put the MOS InfoBox flier in there; you're just giving away information. Yeah, that's a huge game changer. It's kind of fun and exciting what you're capable of doing.

Dean: Yeah. So I'm excited to watch. We'll document what happens with this one. And Frostproof, we'll do a little because that's in a neighborhood, too, right? You can put a sign up in there.

Diane:  Yeah. Tomorrow the InfoBox fliers go out.

Dean: So we're going to take over two new neighborhoods on the backs of all of this. So that's exciting. Then the fifth one, and this is where we're now at the point here is getting at finding buyers. And now we've gotten all of those things established. And I start focusing on finding buyers after we've got all of those other things kind of established. And now we get to find not just buyers in general, I mean, we're certainly going to get buyers for your listings. But we're going to be able to focus on finding what I call category buyers that are going to be perfect for your Lake Ashton, right?

Like, so if we think about Lake Ashton, the buyer for Lake Ashton is going to be somebody who's either looking for an active adult community or they're looking for a golf course community that just happens to be an active adult community. So if we focus our attention on finding golf course community buyers and active adult buyers as a category. You know, when you start thinking about the active adult areas, I mean, we've got just over in that Lake Ashton corner, there's Lake Ashton. There's Traditions. You know, all those other ones. Then if you go a little bit further down. What's the one on 27?

Diane:  Del Webb.

Dean: You've got the Del Webb community. That's a big one there. All these things. So if we were to start advertising a guide to active adult communities, now we're finding buyers who are looking for active adult communities. We're able to introduce them to the idea of these four or five communities, or however many there are. And, you know, that's going to be now a really great accessory to bring on a listing appointment.

Diane:  Got that.

Dean: Yeah, the best thing you can have on a listing appointment is, if not your checkbook, a buyer with their checkbook, right? That's the best thing. And so that's where if we start this process, you know, right now, rather than waiting for these 78 people in Lake Ashton.

Diane:  Oh, I see. Yeah.

Dean: Instead of waiting to get the listing in there to start finding the buyers, let's start finding the buyers ahead of them. And then every time you start showing houses to those people, first of all you get to register them with the new home people. And if they want a new one, that's great. And you're going to get paid. But if they are looking for or would consider a resale, you've got the opportunity to be a market maker now. Because you know-

Diane:  You lay your card on the counter, too.

Dean: Well, yeah. But you know 78 people who have not yet put their house on the market that may be going to put their house on the market. So, you know, if you know what model they have and if you're able to send them an email and say, "Hey, Marge, I'm showing houses this week in Lake Ashton and I remember looking up yours when I sent you the Lake Ashton report. And I'm not sure what your plans are, but I thought I'd send a quick email and see if maybe I can tell them about your house. It sounds like it might be the perfect match."

Diane:  Wow.

Dean: That on its own is going to be a very exciting email for people to get rather than what most people do is just follow up with them. You know, "Hi, it's Diane. Just checking in, seeing are you getting my newsletter? Are you enjoying it? Is there anything I can do for you?" You know, you know, if the only time that they hear from you is every month when you're sending them valuable information and when you do reach out to them individually, it's because you've got a buyer for them. Even if it's not right now the time that they're going to see that you're active and that you've got all the buyers. So that when they are ready, why wouldn't they call Diane? Because-

Diane:  That's exciting, Dean.

Dean: You've got all the buyers, right?

Diane:  Mm-hmm.

Dean: And that's what's going to happen. I can't wait. I'm glad we're documenting it all. I'm glad we're kind of like laying the foundation here. This is going to be an exciting 2019. We're going to make you rookie of the year. You're taking over.

Diane:  Right, right. I like that.

Dean: Now you got my ego on the line here. Because if I was coming in there, I'd have to be rookie of the year.

Diane:  Yeah. You know what? When you were just talking about what you were just saying, I just had this huge smile on my face. Because, you know, it's something you think that we would all know. But to hear you put it in perspective like that, it sounds very easy. Very easy. By domain, put together the guide and start bringing in the buyers.

Dean: Yeah.

Diane:  Wow.

Dean: Now we say that, and we offer them, "Whenever you're ready, here's how we can help you. We do daily tours of the active adult communities." You know? I mean, make it so easy. And yeah, I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. It's fun to be on the front line here. Or the semi-front line. Front row, let's call it.

Diane:  Front row.

Dean: You're on the front line. I'm in the front row, directing and coaching and saying where to go. So I can't wait you know, I think we'll do every four or five, six weeks. Check in and see it all unfolding here to do a monthly update-

Diane:  You know-

Dean: From the lab.

Diane:  Yeah. And it seems like we're talking about so much, but really we're not. Like, really it's just I mean, it's depending on how many leads you have. But I spend one day a month putting together my packages. And then, you know, putting together the card itself is all of 30 minutes. Yeah. We have an assembly line. So that makes it a little easier. But in the big scheme of things, when you really look at it from the outside looking in, I'm just excited.

Dean: Me too. I can't wait. Alright. Well, get back to work.

Diane:  It's already been an hour? Oh my goodness. I want to keep talking. Right. Thank you.

Dean: No, I think this is going to be good. You know, things are heating up now. So we got the great opportunity to kind of document everything. I call Josh. Or maybe you can talk with Josh and we'll maybe do some video documentary stuff next week around Frostproof.

Diane:  Oh yeah. I'm seeing him Monday. Yeah. He's in photos to Ruby Lake. We're meeting at 3:15. So yeah. So tomorrow when I go out to Frostproof to put the InfoBox out, I'm actually going to go around the corner to take a look at getting the for sale by owner.

Dean: Good.

Diane:  So, yeah. Yeah, that's awesome.

Dean: Perfect.

Diane:  Thank you. I'm excited, really. I mean-

Dean: Yeah, me too.

Diane:  I know you and I have talked about these things. But to really kind of, you know, be like here one on one coaching and listening to, like really paying attention to you, it's exciting. I like the idea of the finding buyers and putting together that guide. And yeah.

Dean: Awesome.

Diane:  Challenging. Yes, thank you, Dean.

Dean: And there we go. Okay, thanks, Diane. I'll talk to you soon.

Diane:  Okay, bye-bye.

Dean: Bye.

And there we have it. What a fun episode. It's kind of neat when, you know, to talk and share things that we're actually doing. Things that we're working on right here and I'm so happy that we'll be able to document this process going forward. Because all the work that we're putting into executing exactly the way that I've laid it out for you. So we're not asking you to do anything different than what I absolutely do if I were doing this myself. And Diane's the closest thing to me actually doing it. Because we get to monitor it all right here out of my office. And we get to see it actually happening. And, of course, Diane gets to interact all of our GoGoAgents every day. So she's seeing people all over the country implementing these things. And helping them implement them.

Yeah, we've got a whole program where we can help actually do all of the work for you. So you get to either choose to just have access to everything and see what we're doing and use the exact tools, the exact programs that you can implement yourself, or, we can do the implementing for you. And, of course, we've got all the tools in place to help you do that at gogoagent.com. That's where everything is happening. So come on over there. Now's a good time, maybe even over the holidays, for you to take a look around. See everything that's going on. Get to participate in the forum. Get your, you know, sense of that everything is there for you. See what you can do to start living your Listing Agent Lifestyle.

GoGoAgent.com. Join us over there. You get a 30-day free trial. No credit card required. You don't have to put in anything. You're a hundred percent in control. I want you to see everything. I want you to see all of the tools that we have for you. The programs, the exact programs that we're using to get the results that everybody that I talk with on The Listing Agent Lifestyle Podcast is using. Everything is already laid out for you.

So I look forward to seeing you over there. And then I'll be back with another episode next week. And then we'll check in with Diane, too, periodically over the next, you know, year as we execute and document everything that's happening here in the lab. So that's it for this week. Have a great week. And I will talk to you next time. Bye-bye.