Ep069: Shep Gordon

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast I've got a special treat for you.

I recently saw a Facebook memory of something that happened about two years ago. It was a trip to Maui when I was invited to come to a dinner at Shep Gordon's house.

Now Shep, for those who don't know, is the gentleman who's the subject of the movie 'Supermensch, the Legend of Shep Gordon' that was produced by Mike Myers.

This guy has had an incredible career. If you know who he is, you're going to be delighted to hear this. If you've never heard of him, just know that he is one of the most fascinating people in the world, and he has such an amazing sense of relationship's. He's been Alice Cooper's manager for 45 years now, maybe closing in on 50 years, and they've been together on a handshake deal, and it reminded me that everything we do as real estate agents is about building relationships with people, with our clients.

Going to his home on Maui, getting to spend time to get to know him was really one of the highlight in all the things I've been able to do, and this episode that we recorded for I Love Marketing was a chance to have a great conversation with him and talk about some of the marketing ideas behind the things he's been able to do.

You're going to enjoy really this episode. I can't wait for you to hear it.

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