Ep068: Cullen Wallace

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Cullen Wallace from Seattle, and this is a really interesting episode because Cullen had been listening in on the podcast for a while, kind of investigating and looking around, and he decided to jump in to the program after a recent episode, and hearing about the results Diane was having from implementing the Getting Listings and the World's Most Interesting Postcard campaigns from our office here.

It's interesting because I know from talking with people that it’s very inspirational to hear the results others are getting… ‘I’ve been listening longer than Diane has been doing this and all of a sudden, here's Diane getting all these results. That could have been me…’

That's kind of where we're Cullen was at, so now he’s on board, we built out a really great plan for him to completely take over a very high-end area of Seattle. We laid it out step by step, exactly what to do, and I think that you're really going to enjoy this.

If you've been listening in on the sidelines, and you're ready to get in the game, this could be a great inspiration.

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Transcript: Listing Agent Lifestyle Ep068