Ep078: Alex Loutchanski

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Alex Loutchanski from Toronto, where, coincidentally, I happen to be this week.

We had a great conversation. Alex has focused on trying to establish a way to get listings and get repeat and referral business from his clients, and we spent the whole hour talking about those two things.

We talked about what he's working on at the moment, and the most important outcome of engineering the conversation when we're communicating with both people who are going to sell their house in the next 12, 24 36 months, and the people who already know you, like you, and trust you,

It's very important that we always start with the reason why we're doing anything in the first place.

For example, the reason we're communicating with people who live in a particular neighborhood or a specific type of home, is to establish yourself as the only choice when it's time for them to sell, so we're looking to identify the people who are most likely to sell in the next year or so.

With our top 150, the people who know you, like you, and trust you… the people you would recognize if you saw them at the grocery store… we're trying to continue to stay in contact with them. The number one reason people don't use the realtor that helped them get the house they just sold is because they've lost touch with them, so we're trying to stay in touch and be on their mind when they think of selling, or hear other people talking about buying, selling, moving, or investing.

The hour with Alex went by quick, and you're going to enjoy this conversation.

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Transcript: Listing Agent Lifestyle Ep078