Ep090: Tony Kalsi

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're joined once again by Tony Kalsi form Ontario in Canada.

You may remember Tony from his appearance as the very first guest on the podcast. Well, this September marks the sixth year of his Getting Listings case study, and the numbers are pretty amazing.

We're now at over a million dollars in commissions, with a 12.2 times ROI, and it's pretty exciting to see how it all has worked out so far. We're well down the path of multiplying the investment Tony's made in that first year, and we spent a lot of the call talking really about what happened in those 12 months.

What was amazing is that we found that since mailing the first year postcards, he's got 165 people to raise their hand and ask for the report, and since that time he's done 22 transactions with people who responded in the first 12 months.

So over the six years, he's got 22 listings from this group, and there were another 22 people who sold their house, but not with Tony. I know people often ask, 'Are the people responding to a free house price report really selling their house? Well, clearly they are, and Tony was able to get 50% of the people who requested the report and then went on to sell their house in the next six years.

It's interesting because some of them chose Tony this year, even though they responded in 2013!

This is a fascinating conversation and I want it to be an encouragement for you to get started and come on over to GoGoAgent.com. You get access to the entire program, every single thing that Tony's doing, including other interviews and videos that will give you you the opportunity to do exactly what Tony has done. You can get a free trial, no credit card required, take a look around and try it out for 30 days.

While you're looking around, take a listen to this weeks episode.

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