Ep091: Rene Nelson

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we're talking with Rene Nelson from Eugene, Oregon and Renee is a commercial real estate broker who specializes in multi-family apartment complexes in Eugene.

She's had a lot of success, especially around the University of Oregon campus where a lot of investors are eager to buy multi-family homes because of the rental nature of people coming to go to school.

We had a wonderful conversation about the importance of really dominating that target market because there are so few people actually control that whole space. There are only 235 owners who own 500 buildings, which can tame all of the multi-family homes over four units in Eugene.

We talked about a complete strategy to dominate not only the listing side of the market but the buyer side as well. The ideas are totally transferrable from everything we talk about on the residential side, and the same applies if you're trying to dominate lakefront homes or golf course homes or oceanfront condos... multi-family is no different. We need to speak to sellers in a language that's appealing to sellers, all the while speaking to and attracting buyers with a language that's attractive to them.

Then we can put them together as a market maker.

This was a really great conversation, it went very quickly, and there's a lot for you to get out of it.

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Transcript: Listing Agent Lifestyle Ep091