Ep093: Tom Storey

Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast, we are in for a treat because we're talking with Tom Storey from Toronto.

One of the elements of the Listing Agent Lifestyle we always talk about is Getting Referrals and managing your after unit for a 20% annual yield. Well, here we are, we're going to be talking with someone today who's doing just that!

You're going to hear just how possible it is to get a really great yield and high volume of transactions, based on the relationships with a small group of people.

I think this is going to be very motivating. We spent almost the entire podcast talking about his After Unit, and leveraging the things he has going on with his Listing Multiplier opportunities created from the business he's doing.

You'll want to listen closely, and take some notes for this one.

PS: Our 2nd annual Listing Agent Lifestyle real estate mastermind event is coming up in Toronto next month.

We've got an amazing 2 days planned.

On day one we join up with the Archangel Summit and we have Seth Godin, Elisabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) and Todd Herman (author of The Alter Ego effect) and lots of other great speakers...

On the 2nd day, we're doing a real estate only day to focus on the Future Of Real Estate as we enter the 2020's.

We're going to focus the best things we can do now to really capitalize on the opportunities we have right now while everyone in our industry is waiting for the "disruptors" to ruin everything :)

Would you like to join us?

You can check out the details here.

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Transcript: Listing Agent Lifestyle Ep093